Look who's in the garden...

We are truly fortunate, here on our small farm, to have plenty of space for a garden. Secret Agent Man does the tilling and he also like to supervise the planting of the seeds. I like to try different kinds of seeds and tend to prefer natural seeds that you can find here. One of the problems that we face is weed overgrowth. I am sure you are laughing at this point, I mean, what garden doesn't have weeds? But, we like to travel with our children during the summer and we don't always have the time to care take a large garden.

So, Secret Agent Man has been working on our garden plot. It is now divided into four sections with a long section in the back, toward the fence line. You can see that he has made a rock walkway and yes....he did carry/shovel all the rock himself. He is deceptively buff like that.

At the intersection of the walkway, Secret Agent Man has plans to place a garden statue. Something in keeping with the dignity of our garden and, of course, serene and gorgeous.

He was thinking of something like this.

I, on the other hand, have this in mind.

We shall see who wins people......we shall see who wins......


  1. You know since he is the one doing the digging out there, why not give him something that makes him feel macho when he lookst at it? Your whole yard may get dug up!

    If you get that in your garden, I'm movin' in. Just so's you know.

  3. Karen - Don't feel too bad for my husband. Life really isn't that hard out here for him!

    Dejoni - Girlfriend, if I get that man planted in the garden I may have to quit my job just so I can tend him daily!!!

  4. I hate weeds! We get overrun every year by them. I vote for your choice of garden statues.

  5. Oh that is tooo funny! I hope you win!!!! Anyway, the garden plot looks great - love the idea. And do travel - there will always be weeds - but time our kiddos is precious! Cathy

  6. I just found your blog and loved this post. I'm going to have to check back and see who wins :-)

  7. Great garden area. Look easy to tend. Like your idea of garden statuary best. Thanks for visiting my blog. Did I tell you I will be in KY again in June.

  8. Good luck with the weed control!
    I'm curious to see which one of you wins and just how much gardening the winner actually gets done. tee hee

  9. If you need any kind help with Mr. Pattinson you know where to find me. :)


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