Moving Midway

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching one of the better documentaries I have seen for quite a while. Entitled, Moving Midway, it explores a southern plantation that has been in the family for over 155 years. Film critic Godfrey Cheshire, documents his cousin Charlie Silver's attempt to move the buildings on this plantation, after development threatens the property.

Cheshire not only chronicles the moving of the plantation, he also examines how the Southern plantation way of life affected American culture and attitudes. During this process, Cheshire comes into contact with Dr. Robert Hinton, whose grandfather was born into slavery at Midway Plantation. And, as it turns out, Midway Plantation has a new branch of the family tree that had remained silent.

I found it to be a very thought provoking film that explored how culture portrays the fantasy of Southern plantation life. Cheshire also shares the thoughts and feelings of his extended family, concerning the moving of the buildings.
It you have a Netflix account, I hope you will take the time to put this on your queue.
If you would like to learn and/or read more about this documentary you can do so here. If you would like to see photographs that chronicle the move of this property you can do so here.


  1. That does sound very interesting. Kudos to them for trying to save some history!

  2. Will put on my Netflix list! My preservation organization moved an endangered historic house a couple of years ago and are just now finishing up renovating it. I was in charge and I can tell you, I will NEVER move another house!

  3. Thanks for the tip...always looking for movies for netflex.

  4. This does sound good, how is the book you are currently reading?

  5. Karen - The book I am reading, by John Katz, details his life after he buys a farm in upstate New York. He gets some sheep and utilizes his Border Collies to herd them. He discuss life with dogs and life in a small town. I am enjoying it.

  6. I went over and took a look. Very interesting. I'm glad they are saving the house.

  7. This does look like it would be really great!

    Thanks, too, for the link...I'll be sure and check it out! :)


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