Whenever you do a thing...

Whenever you do a thing,

though it can never be known but to yourself,

ask yourself how you would act

were all the world looking at you,

and act accordingly.

Thomas Jefferson


  1. So true!
    Love those pictures! Especially the fence row.

  2. Great advice from Jefferson! Wish everyone would think before they acted.

  3. This is making me yearn for warm weather....
    Great pics!

  4. I love the pictures. Would love to see this country in person. Thanks for posting them.

  5. That is a great quote! We share a commonality...I live in a small town too. Very small. And everyone knows what you do all the time, so this quote really does hit home. Nice to meet you ;0)

  6. Great pictures. Kentucky is one of the prettiest states in the union.

  7. Mr. Jefferson knew what he was talking about. Wish everyone lived by that saying.

  8. I love that quote. And the pictures. I think sometimes in the winter I forget that things will be green again!


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