Blowing Bubbles

Finally.....good weather. We are outside and in actual sunshine. We have been playing, hula hooping, going for walks, and yes....blowing bubbles.

Toots is an expert.

She is also a very understanding subject for my camera.

She has some serious concentration.

Up, up and away....


  1. awh so sweet! the simple pleasures in life* sigh*

  2. Blowing bubbles is fun. We've had wonderful weather here, too. It's gonna get cold again tomorrow, though.

  3. Ahh...blowing bubbles. Makes me think spring and Easter. We always buy the grandkids cheap little plastic toys to pay in the back yard on Easter after the egg hunt...Yep, Hula hoops, bubbles, bats and balls, little golf clubs, but my favorite is getting out the crochet set. Happy Spring... Cute girl, your "Toots"

  4. Such cute pictures!! Hope she had good luck at the dentist yesterday and I hope you like your sign!

  5. I love blowing bubbles!
    It's simply relaxing to me.


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