Country living lesson # 5,172

Yesterday morning Secret Agent Man and I were discussing our plans for the day. Genders were dividing in the household as Toots and I were going to the movies and Secret Agent Man was taking the Deerslayer, "shed hunting".

"Shed hunting", I asked. "Do we seriously need a shed here on the farm?" "And how much is that going to cost?"

I mean, for goodness sakes, we have a barn and a very large garage building. What was the man thinking?

"Most gorgeous Farmchick", (that's what he calls me), "We are looking for sheds....when the deer shed their antlers".



  1. Most gorgeous farmchick who would have known:)

  2. tee hee
    Yep, that's another lesson.
    I really don't know why they hunt those. Unless they just need an excuse to not go to the movies. tee hee

  3. hee hee. That's funny! I didn't realize there was a term for it!!


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