I'm afraid this won't last

Both of my children have recently had birthdays. I have a daughter that is now nine years old and a son who is officially a teenager. I won't lie.....they don't always get along. In fact, I think they sometimes prefer a little bickering. However, I did catch them getting along and actually, shall we say,.... "playing together?"

Or, maybe it was the sister hunting down the brother. Here is the girl running barefoot through the yard.

Laughing, yelling, and screaming her brother's name.

Taking careful aim.....

Only to realize he was hiding behind the gravel pile.

I don't think there are too many more of these episodes left between them.


  1. isn't it great when you can enjoy your kids instead of reprimanding them? very cute!

  2. Sweet story - I'd bet that even though they may "bicker" - they'll always be close - 'cause he'll always take care of his lil' sis. Cute pictures.

  3. I know! We can't wait for them to grow up to be all they can.
    But darn if we don't miss them when they do.


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