This one's for you Mr. B

This past Christmas my parents, The Babs and Mr. B, gifted me with a set of Le Creuset cookware. I had long pined for this cookware and was so truly grateful to receive it. The last time I talked to Mr. B on the phone he expressed some concern about my using the cookware. Did I like it? Did I use it? Did I really like it, or was I just being nice?

Well, I just had to provide my dad with some photographic evidence of its use. Here we have the taco soup being prepared.

Green beans and potatoes simmering on the stove.

Smoke venison sausage on the grill pan. Yes dad, don't worry, I scrubbed the grill pan clean.

Pasta ready to bake in the oven.

Dad, I hope this post put your mind to rest.
your favorite daughter


  1. I'm wantin' some new stuff myself. You like it alot, I see. Well, I'll just have to go look at in person!

  2. Will they adopt me? I love Le Creuset.


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