Thoughtless Thursday


  1. I know that sight well. I see it often on the farm.
    There is old barbed wire all over the farm. Anytime I go walking, I pick it up and carry it back to be disposed of. I often wonder just how old it is. Who touched it last? What critters did it fence in? I know this farm wasn't used for years before we bought it. But I don't know how many years.

  2. Well, the tree is beautiful anyway!

    Do you have goldfinches in KY? I'm sure you do. They're sweet, aren't they?

  3. What a beautiful and rugged and highly textured photo. There is so much history suggested by that single strand of barbed wire that runs across on a diagonal

  4. Twisted and Barry - This strand of barbed wire was partially embedded in the tree, so really no removing it. Our land has been run as a farm for likely over 100 years. And, I do love the history.

    Betsy - We do have Goldfinches and virtually every other type of bird as well has been coming to our feeders during this long winter.


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