Country Drives

Country drives are the best, don't you agree? You know....the kind where you and the hubs ride up front while the kids are quiet and well behaved in the backseat? That version really doesn't happen around here. It is more like Secret Agent Man drives us around the county, while I make him stop at all sorts of unlikely places to take pictures. And, those chiclets of ours....well, they just want to know when we are stopping for ice cream or when we are going home, all the while pinching and poking each other. Family togetherness....there is nothing quite like it.

We are not deterred. I should say, I am not deterred. I like to take pictures and I need a chauffeur with knowledge of the surrounding area. Like this very ancient house in a very awesome location. The property was gated and I could not get any closer. And, I don't mean, "gated", as in like the suburban type. I mean like a chain/lock on the fence gate.

I did learn all about barns during this drive. We typically have tobacco barns in our area, not this type of hay barn.

I *puffy heart* this cabin. I think I need it here on the farmette. I especially need the Double Cola sign, the Coke machine, the rusty wheels, etc....

My altogether favorite part of the drive was when we happened upon these two gorgeous fellas. Awwww.....come know you think they are handsome. But, the best part was when.....

their buddy came along to ham it up in the picture.

I think if they had broken out in a rendition of, "On Top of Old Smokey", none of us would have been surprised. We would have given them a hearty round of applause.


  1. What a fasinating house! It seems to have a popped out area on the right side or a gazebo like structure....maybe you can find out more about it?

  2. Love, love the mules. My dad had mules and broke them to farm with. I am pretty old!! HA

  3. Great post! You have been spiffin up your blog woman and it looks great! I love that song about Billy Jo. I love going for rides in the country. Luv it. the mules are fab, they were singing couldn't you hear them?

  4. They look like they're waiting for you to give them a treat!

    I'm loving that cabin, too...and the barn!

  5. Thanks for taking us along on your country drive. I learned a lot about tobacco barns when I was in Ky last summer. I especially love your pictures as they bring back great memories of growing up.
    Don't remember seeing any mules though. Your buddies look like they knew you were taking their pictures.
    Loved Cabin Holler....

  6. Woman,
    I be thinking you need some donkeys.

  7. Makes me wish I could have went along on that ride : ) Love the pics!

  8. Oh yeah! I love a ride in the country. Especially if someone else is driving.
    Love the donkeys and the old house and the cabin. Tee hee, guess I like it all!!

  9. I remember Double Cola! I love the donkeys, they are cute.


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