Devil in a red shirt

Yesterday Smalltownland was a mass of storms. Bad weather moved through our area for most of the day. We were very fortunate in that we did not sustain any damage. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Mississippi that did.

We awoke this morning to a glorious day. Blue skies with white, fluffy clouds floating amid some raucous wind.

In Smalltownland the scene was much the same, with windy, clear skies.

Our highlight of the morning was watching Toots perform a skit with her youth group in church. It was her job to wear a red shirt and be the devil. She, and her group, did a great job, but I have to admit that she is not looking too devilish in this picture with her friend.


  1. I prayed for God to spare my garden and my home. When I woke up today to hear that 10 people died 3 of them children; I thought about what my prayer could have been. My yard and home are fine. Think maybe next time I'll be thinking more about lives. It was beautiful here today.

  2. We had some rumblings come through here. Glad you're a-okay.

  3. I agree. The smile is a dead giveaway. She's NOT the devil.
    Beautiful here today, too.
    Getting any closer to getting your house back in order?


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