An overnight excursion

Yesterday we took a wild hair, as we sometimes say in the south, and drove to Nashville for a little getaway. We ended up stopping at Belle Meade Plantation. Over 5,000 acres were purchased by John Harding in 1807. The plantation ran as a very prosperous horse farm for many, many years. The house, as partially shown in this photograph, was finished in this form in 1853. It contains a central hall passage with a winding, cherry staircase that rises up three floors. The house is decorated in the high Victorian style, with the family's original furniture. Photography was not allowed inside the house, but if you would like to read more about the house you may do so here.

The plantation possesses stagecoaches, sleighs, and a goat cart that the family used.

The picture below is of the smokehouse. The beautiful design in the brickwork is actually ventilation for the smoking process. The smokehouse is quite tall and contained many, many rafters to hold the smoked hams.

The slave history of the plantation is detailed in the exhibits and the slave quarters have also been preserved.

Last, but not least, Secret Agent Man and Toots posed for a lovely, historic picture.

The Deerslayer let me know that no amount of money could get him to pose like this.


  1. What a fun day and what a beautiful historical treasure!

  2. I love visiting places like that. Just think of all the history that took place on those grounds and in the buildings.

  3. Hey girl, we toured this plantation back in the fall. I have some pictures on my blog, too! It's a beautiful place and I love thinking and imagining what it was like to have lived there, didn't you?

    One of our dear friends from church has a son who is marrying a gal from Nashville and they are having the wedding there at Belle Meade this coming weekend. We had planned on going, but with my MIL's fall & hip surgery, we aren't going. My son, who lives up there, is still planning on going.

    Don't you think that would be a beautiful setting for a wedding!!!! I hate to miss it! Glad you showed your photos of it - it is so pretty!

  4. Love that cart. And the preserved history there.
    I think Toots and the Secret Agent look quite charming.

  5. My cousin had her wedding at Belle Meade a few years ago. I got bonked on the head with her bouquet right out in front of the house (my fault, I saw her aiming for me and her arm was better than I anticipated, even though I kept scooting back)!


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