A really companionable dog

A really companionable and indispensable dog,

is an accident of nature.

You can't get it by breeding for it,

and you can't buy it with money.

It just happens along.
E.B. White,
The Care and Training of a Dog


  1. He's so cute and I bet he loves the small town living also! Looks like he's full of energy and a fun dog to have!

  2. He's a keeper!! We have had a lot of dogs (none now), but one special one, that stands out as the one discribed in your quote.
    Love your new banner. I get to go to KY again in June. Your picture makes me so homesick to go now.

  3. What a great series of photos and a CUTE dog!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and neon green extension cords are fabulous! I loved that you shared that!

  4. I love your doggie! He is so cute.

  5. What a cutie!
    Most of my best dogs have been mixed breeds.
    I still miss my Nanook that passed not long ago. She was a collie/lab mix. And the best dog I've ever had.

  6. I love, love, LOVE this quote by one of my favorite authors! It is so TRUE! I am currently attempting to rehabilitate a rescue wire haired Jack Russell Terrier - she was in the shelter for wayyyyyy too long and things have been difficult, but I'm hanging in there! Hopefully, someday I'll look back and say it was so worth it!

    This hound (?) of yours looks full of personality--I love his face!



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