Spring Break and Thankfulness

This week the chiclets and I will officially be on spring break. At certain points in our cold, snowy winter I was unsure if this week would ever arrive. But, arrive it has, with temperatures reaching the 80 degree point this week. Instead of taking a trip this year, we will be completing some much needed improvements to our home. So instead of lounging on the beach, I will be painting, cleaning, and hoping the carpet man doesn't call too early tomorrow morning.

This does sound like a bit of a drag, I know. But, I have a different feeling this year. I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. In fact, I feel really thankful. Thankful that I live in an old, quirky farmhouse that I enjoy....even if it does need a new coat of interior paint. Thankful that the end of the mess is surely near, even if I have to step around furniture for a few more days.

Thankful that I finished painting the dining room AND put it all back together, even if the color did turn out a bit, "Easter Eggish".

Thankful that I am home on a sunny day when my daughter wants me to come outside and watch her latest trick. Rolling down the hill with an inner tube around her waist. Yes, it was hysterical.

Thankful that I was home to greet my son so he could tell me all about the turkey he shot during the youth weekend hunt.

I am also thankful that I don't have to set my alarm this week. Thankful that my husband is off this week as well so he can spend time hunting and fishing with our children....and laying some new hardwood floor :)


  1. All of it will last longer than than the trip to the beach.....remember to show finsihed pictures:)

  2. Oh I LOVE that blue color - it's my favorite color of all time! I'd love to be surrounded by it 24-7!

    Your daughter is a hoot! And it looks like your sun is a seasoned hunter - my guys hunt, too.

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your prayers for my mother in law. I appreciate you all in blogland so much!

  3. hilarious.....that part about your husband hunting and laying the floor - sounds soooo similar to our life sometimes (except we just target shoot) -

    way to go! being so brave with blue walls!! bravo!

  4. Love the silly girl-the easter egg blue-and the turkey : ) Our break is this week.

    (Ode to Billy Joe-wow it still gives me chills-and makes me feel like I'm about 12 again)

  5. We are putting down flooring too. It has been a NIGHTMARE!!


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