This past weekend we suffered through a torrent of rain. The rain started on Friday night and continued through late Sunday. Storms and threats of tornadoes were part of the danger as well. Flash flood warnings were issued and our local river flooded several homes and made many road impassable. Many, many inches poured from the sky in such a short amount of time that it created ponds on our farm where there were none before.

This is a small stream located close to our farm. And, typically it is what we call a creek. Here it looks more like a river.

This bridge is located over the above mentioned creek. Looking through the truck windshield you can see the water flowing in front of us. Normally that is a road. Quite a few homes sit along that road and for this reason there was no school today in our county and surrounding counties.

My son tried to make the best of the situation and took the canoe out to the pasture. He honed his skills. Typically this area is dry and even contains my clothesline! He later took his sister out for a ride. I peeked out the door and caught her standing in the front of the canoe exhibiting her best, "Pocahontas stance". I am so sorry I missed that picture.

If you are reading this and live in one of the more disaster ridden areas, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


  1. It's been a wild ride. I haven't talked to my folks since the water plant was shut down- and I've heard that Columbia Highway is closed. There are a number of students commuting here from Smalltownland this semester, and this is finals week. I hope that they will take the long way around if they absolutely MUST come to campus.

  2. We got a lot of rain, but no flooding in our area. I think we missed the worst of it. Looks like your son was enjoying the canoe ride.

  3. Sounds like KY got hit as bad as we did with the storm system! That flooding is terrible! Hope the waters recede soon!

  4. I have one lady blogger that lives in Nashville and am worried about her....glad you all are okay:)

  5. I have been hearing about the bad weather in your area. Glad to see you and kids are making the best of it and not receiving too much damage. I have been praying for those less fortunate. My family that lives in northern KY. have not been hit so hard.

  6. I've heard about the rain. I'm glad that your house has not been flooded. But I feel for those whose homes were in the path of those swolen rivers and creeks.


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