Happy Mother's Day

A Happy Mother's Day wish goes out to my mom, The Babs. I know she sacrificed so much for me while I was growing up and I miss her daily. She is pictured here, (on the right), with her sister, Mater.

This is also a day to reflect on all of the other great mothers and grandmothers who have had an influence on our lives. This is my grandmother, Bird, who just turned a brisk 94, and shows no signs of slowing down. She is pictured here with her great-great grandchild. When I was a kid, Bird used to braid my hair so tight I thought my face was frozen in place. She also made the best macaroni and cheese. A fine, fine lady indeed.

And, my grandmother Lucy who is adjusting to her new life in the nursing home. For quite a long time I was the only granddaughter in the family. Significant for Lucy because she raised three boys. So, I was doted on just a bit. She used to sew clothes for me and then with the scraps, she would make matching clothes for my dolls. She is pictured here with her great granddaughter.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms reading this today.


  1. Thank you!
    And I hope you had a great Mother's Day, too!

  2. Oh hon, this was just the sweetest tribute to the mothers in your life. I loved seein' the pics...what a treasure you have there.

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

  3. This was the sweetest post! What a wonderful line of moms and grandmoms you have! My favorite is the last picture...your grandma is just trying to soak up allt he love she can from that visit. Just so sweet!

  4. I'm a little late for this post. But I loved seeing your mom and grandmothers. My grandmother was named Lucy,too, she lived to a young age of 94!


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