My days, they are full

The past couple of weeks have been a blur of activity here at my house. The month of May rolls in with a blast of trap shooting and softball. These activities encompass three afternoons per week and some weekends. Not much time for blogging or commenting....or laundry, housecleaning, cooking, or anything else!

The Deerslayer is shooting with amazing growth, maturity, and improvement since last year.

Toots has moved up to fast pitch ball this year. And, in her usual fashion, she is loving it. Those skinny legs are pretty fast.

Her team even spiced things up this year with crazy socks.

In other Smalltownland news, I am pleased to report that Pharaoh, the camel, made an excellent debut at the prom. In an earlier post I reported that a local horse trainer was breaking Pharaoh so a student could ride him into the prom. Pharaoh wore the traditional, "sparkly saddle", and minded his best manners.
In some other, more disturbing, news, it seems that we will attend school next Saturday. Our county missed yet another day of school due to our recent flooding. Thus, it has been decided that we would attend on a Saturday so graduation would not be moved. Going to school on a Saturday is almost like a sin.


  1. Wow, school on a Saturday and a camel at the prom. Weird stuff in your neck of the woods ;0)

    Love the socks!

  2. Saturday?? Wow..they had to extend our school year by 4 days and move graduation. I feel bad for all the people who were planning on leaving for vacation the day after grad..they have to switch it now!

  3. School on a Sat.......yikes, that just hurts. Glad to get the update on the camel:)

  4. Your right, no one should have to go to school on a saturday! Your kids are really growing up! Love the socks. I have been busy too.

  5. Busy time for us all, I think. I haven't visited my favorite blogs nearly enough. It's much more important for you to be at your kids (in my case, grandkids) activities than on the computer.
    School on Saturday. What???
    Camel's at a Prom??? Some strange stuff going on in KY.

  6. Love the socks...and SAM can tell you, we went on Saturdays in third grade due to the horrible blizzards that year. We just *loved* it (insert eye roll here).

    Glad the camel go to the prom! My mother couldn't quite get over it. "Camel? Who would want to go toa formal smelling like a CAMEL?" Oh, well, Mom- it's more memorable than a limo...

  7. I'm with "These Nine Acres"!
    Saturday school, camels going to proms and unmatched socks?!
    Sounds like a fun place to live!!

  8. I love those polka dots - wish I could have worn those ball socks back in the day. I've missed checking in - my May is like yours - FULL!!!!!!!!! No time for anything except watering flowers and ball. But when it is over - I'll be sad - but for now - I'm just praying we have clean clothes for tomorrow.


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