Sometimes I dream
of a place in England, or...
maybe it is Kentucky.
Where people live in big houses,

with peeling paint
and they grow herbs,

in the backyard
next to the swingset.


  1. Sounds wonderful!

    Is that your house in the last photo? It's beautiful!

  2. That sounds wonderful to me. I leave for KY 2 weeks from tomorrow to spend a week with my aunt and cousins. I can't wait. I love my home in CA., but I am a country girl at heart.

  3. All I can say is WOW to your vision and your accomplishment! Had to look several times to realize this is your dream come true, hope others will see the before and after....

  4. azn8tive - The last picture is of my house. Thank you

    Twisted - It IS small town USA!

  5. Love your pictures. . .and your dream!


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