When a limo just won't do


Before we even begin discussing this little nugget of information, let me apologize for the abysmal quality of this photograph. I actually took a picture of the newpaper as it seems my scanner won't work. Operator error I have no doubt.

Our local fish wrapper came out on Wednesday of this week with news of our recent flood on the top of the front page. The newly crowned prom king and queen ranked the middle section of the front page and the camel here, ranked the bottom portion.

The lady on the horse is well known in our area. She is a very knowledgeable horse trainer and quite sought after for her skill. I was not so surprised to see her in the paper. Seeing her husband saddled up on a camel....well, that's another story entirely. AND, they are my neighbors. Why haven't I caught them trotting up and down the road with this camel they are training? Because, obviously, this is just the sort of thing that I love.

I think the real question is: WHY is this camel hanging around in Smalltownland? Well, it seems the horse trainer and her husband are breaking the camel so a wonderful teenage gentleman can ride him, (with his date mind you), into the prom. Apparently a limo just won't do around these parts.

Now, close your mouth and no, I am not lying.

Seeking more information about this situation I made a beeline to a true source.....a CHILD. Because we all know that a child shoots straight from the hip. Yes, I know a youngster with some firsthand knowledge of the camel. The camel's name is Pharaoh and he happens to love candy bars. Ones with peanuts, actually. And, more specifically he does enjoy a good energy bar now and again. Pharaoh is not a spitter, which is going to come in handy at the prom.

Pharaoh makes his prom debut this coming Saturday, so stayed tuned. I know ya'll are going to want a full update.


  1. Only in Smalltownland....keep us posted and have camera ready...

  2. Oh, how I'd love to be a fly on the wall of that prom. What an entrance!!!

  3. My, my! Those kids have an imagination, don't they?

  4. I get the originality of making an entrance at prom via camel but who would want to SMELL like you've been riding a camel? Guess I'm too *old* to look past the practicality of it.

  5. Well, I did here that it is a Vegas themed prom. How the camel fits into that, I am not quit sure. Anyway, I have to say that if I were the girl I would be worried about "hiking" up my dress to get up on that camel. Maybe she will just ride side saddle.

  6. I miss home. A camel. Why didn't WE think of that back in the Dark Ages?

  7. That is hilarious!
    I can't wait to read the update.

  8. Hilarious!!

    I loved your Mother's Day post-I hope your day was a good one.

    You know I'm going to be singing Harper Valley PTA for the rest of the day : )


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