The fair came to town

Each year a fair comes to Smalltownland. It's a big deal. Homemakers bring their canning and crafts to be judged. Kids come to ride the crazy rides and there are horse shows. It culminates with a demolition derby and fireworks. Like I said, it's a big deal. We don't have that kind of excitement on a daily basis.

This year our niece, Star, came to sing in the fair talent show and placed! She also won the Kentucky Future Farmers of America talent competition and will move on to the national trials in Indiana. We are very proud of her.

But, for the chiclets, the big draw of the fair was the rides. The Deerslayer promptly took off with his friends to scope out all the fair had to offer.

As his parents, we have become so, "uncool".

Toots, however, took it upon herself to persuade anyone available to ride with her. Here Secret Agent Man took over the duty. She looks a little concerned about the ferris wheel.

Her concern did not improve when she rode the sizzler.

Then she rode the crazy pirate ship. What possessed her to get on this ride, I will never know.

But, after that, she was finished. I however spotted this little ride among the fair machinery. I could so totally use this on the farmette.

How awesome would I look driving the trash to the end of the road?!


  1. What fun! I am not a big fan of carnival rides. I am wimpy that way.

  2. Now that's MY kind of farm machinery!Nice to see other country fairs still occuring!

  3. Congratulations to your neice!!
    When I was a youngin' the rides were my favorite, too. The faster the better. Not so much anymore.
    I think you would look WAY cool driving that!!!
    The coolest in trash detail in small town land!

  4. Looks like fun was to be had all around! Look at those faces! We still have our fairs around here, too. Me? I love the food vendors!

    Yeppers, that would be an excellent "trash-taker-outer"! It would make emptying the trash EVER so much more fun!

    Have a great week!

  5. A fair, how fun. Congratulations to your niece that name. Looks like a good time for all (well, not the pirate ship) I have been on those eeeek.
    You have to have that little vehicle. Perfect for farm life. My aunt rides her tractor lawnmower out to burn her trash. (and she really is 90)

  6. I just love a country fair. The tastes and smells are always so wonderful. Glad you had fun!

  7. Oh the fair-I used to look forward to it each year.

    Oh and the parents aren't cool thing-is happening here too : )


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