A water witch is in my midst

Our old house is....well, old. Over one hundred years old to be exact. It actually underwent a total renovation in the 1980's, but even that was quite a while ago. Thus, we come upon the odd repair quite frequently. Here is Secret Agent Man. He is quite the, "do it yourselfer", and hates to call the repair man for assistance. Now, that has it good points and bad points. This past weekend we had some sweltering heat and Secret Agent Man decided to dig up the yard and repair some pipes. Seriously.

He found the small leak that he was looking for quite easily, but then was searching for more plumbing work. He kept digging and digging and could not find it. Then, he decided to bring out the big guns, namely my coat hangers.


I realize some you of reading this post will not agree with the actions that I have documented. However, I did witness them myself and have witnessed this type of behavior from my spouse before. Brownies honor....as I didn't hang out long enough to become a Girl Scout.

Secret Agent Man went into the house and picked out a couple of sturdy coat hangers. Not the flimsy white ones, I might add. Then he formed them into dowsing rods and went to work.

For real.

He did find the exact location of the next area he needed to dig and then gave me the coat hangers......uhhhh...., "dowsing rods", and told me to give it a try. It did not work for me, not at all. Our son, The Deerslayer, gave it a try and it did not work for him. Secret Agent Man told us we were not, "doing it right". Apparently, his father taught him how to do this and he has one paternal uncle who can also dowse for water.

Our daughter has not tried this, but since she looks much like her father, it is possible she has inherited the, "dowsing gene". If you would like to know more about dowsing or the history of it, you can do so here.


  1. Cute story - and kudos to him for trying to do it all himself!!! And as for my lil' man shucking corn - well never fear, that didn't last very long!!! But he did a good job the short time he lasted. Have a great week! Cathy

  2. Wow, that is quite the talent! I am quite impressed. Can he read palms too? Cuz I have some questions about my future. Really.

  3. P.S. I did not mean that in a snarky way. I meant it sincerely.

    PPS. I have a do it yourselfer too.

  4. Nine Acres - Don't worry, I am not offended. My husband finds it odd that the rest of us in the house cannot do it.

  5. I have heard of this all my life. But never with coat hangers. I've only heard it works with willow limbs. But what do I know, I've never tried it myself.

  6. You tell a great story...my husband is a do it your selfer too, but some times I think he should call for help. He IS however a plumbing wizard...the job he hates the most!

  7. Neat-I've seen people dowse-but never with coat hangers! You know-I recently met a man that said he could dowse for graves-yikes!

  8. Linda - I wouldn't say he is a plumbing wizard, but he did stick with it until the job was finished.

    Tipper - While I was researching dowsing a bit, I read about dowsing for graves and other things. I also read about dowsing with a pendulum over a map.

  9. Somewhere in the murky recesses of my mind, I do seem to remember that your father-in-law could dowse for water, but I didn't know SAM could do it. He'll have to demonstrate at the next class reunion!

    The only time I've ever used dowsing rods was at Avebury, formerly the location of a henge bigger than the eponymous Stonehenge. We were supposed to be "sensing spiritual presences" or something. All I know is that the rods took off pretty much like a helicopter...

  10. He's a "water witch"!! I knew there was something about him.....
    I will keep him in mind during our next "need to find the water leak" adventures.

  11. Quite a talented guy. You are lucky to have him around. I didn't know anybody still did that. Funny story and great pictures of his dowseing.

  12. Haha! It would be cool if your daughter inherited her dad's dowsing gene. It would be amazing to have not only one, but two members of the family that have skills and the ability to locate leaks. Plumbing would be easier because of it. Who knows, your spouse or your daughter could even find something precious buried below the ground. Hehe!


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