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I think that I share a lot of wacky things, on this blog, that happen in my life. But Kate, at Southern Belle Simple, gifted me with The Versatile Blogger Award and challenged me to share seven things about myself.


Seven things about myself that you might not already know/suspect?


1. I *puffy heart* cheese puffs and could eat an entire bag for a meal. But, I practice restraint.

2. Fall is my favorite season. I love colorful leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

3. I lived in England as a small child.

4. I have been aboard a submarine, checked out the entire place and used the periscope.

5. I spent a day in a prison and ate in the cafeteria. (Dad, it was part of a Sociology project in college. I was not there for committing a crime, nor was I visiting a boyfriend.)

6. I think rust = character.

7. For me, moving to this small town has contained some of the best/worst/wacky/strange/unbelievable/loving moments of my life and I still love living here.

Now, if any of my readers would like to participate in this then consider yourself TAGGED! Take this award and share seven things about yourself. I would love to read your posts. Let me know in the comments section if you choose to participate.

Also, to all those who read and/or comment on this blog. THANK YOU! I appreciate your comments and taking time out of your day for a visit.


  1. 1. Was oldest now middle
    2. Baseball's the BEST
    3. Love cats, have wished for dog
    4. Not a gray hair yet
    5. Language intrigues me
    6. Early mornings are special
    7. Friends that leave I look for in stars

  2. Birdman - Languages intrigue me as well.

  3. 1. I hate to be in confined spaces.
    2. I just had a Brazilian Blowout.
    (no-it is not sexual).
    3. I hate the Facebook games.
    4. I don't have a sister and always wish I did.
    5. I used to hate a quiet house, now I crave one.
    6. I used to think the Milky Way was a made up thing until I saw it when I moved to the country.
    7. I think we would be fast friends if we ever met in person.

  4. Hey, I just participated in one of those the other day.
    Oh, and cheese puffs? Me, too!

  5. 1. I'm the youngest of 6 kids
    2. I once ran a marathon in 1990
    3. I met Red Skelton and got his autograph in about 1987
    4. I love the different dialects that make up the U.S.A.
    5. I hate to eat liver
    6. I have a birthmark on my left foot
    7. I used to play the flute in grade school

  6. Great list! My puffy heart would be potato chips!

  7. Great list...I love the cheese puffs too.
    1. I can eat a ton of sour gummi worms
    2.I am the middle of 3 and my husband is the middle of 9
    3.I have a special way with neighbors call me the dog whisperer.
    4.I love Fall...every bit of it!
    5. Going to Spring Training in AZ is the perfect vacation
    6.I believe in home made home cooked meals every night, although Sonis is a favorite.
    7.I love the program Bones.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Interesting facts! I haven't been on board a submarine, but I have been on board a guided missile destroyer before. Fall is my favorite season, also.


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