Thoughtless Thursday


  1. what a beautiful image! i always feel my blood pressure drop a bit when i visit your peaceful and serene. your small town life is lovely ma'am!

  2. What a beautiful shot ya'll captured there. It just left me feelin'...ahhhhhh!!!

    You have yourself a terrifically blessed day and a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. LOVE this! I have seen tiger swallowtails only from a distance so far this I am jealous!

  4. This is a nice one. I like it.

  5. What a wonderful have a great eye..and timing!

  6. Hi, my name is Karen from
    I wanted stop by and introduce myself. I came along your blog and I truly enjoyed it.. and i will be back to visit again..
    Hope you get a chance to stop by me some time soon..
    God Bless you and your family.

  7. Hey, So glad you stopped by to visit..and Im looking forward to us becoming blogging buddies..
    I am meeting such sweet people through blogging.. and loving it..
    So have a blessed weekend and hope to see you again real soon.


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