Pictures, pictures, pictures.....

Ladies and camera finally arrived late Thursday afternoon and I have been high on camera love ever since. I replaced my Canon Rebel with a Canon 50D. Such a big difference in performance and picture quality. I tested it out today by taking some pictures of my niece. All of the shots of her are straight out of the camera. Known on this blog as, "Star", she is a young woman chock full of talent.
She plays the guitar and mandolin and writes her own music. She is such a huge talent all wrapped up in a fine personality. We convened at the old courthouse, located on our historic town square to take a few photos.
I know she felt a little silly as we, (her mom and I), kept trying to tell her how to pose.

My daughter, Toots, just had to get in on the action. She loves to have her photo taken.

We even threw in some silly shots.

And, this picture has nothing to do with out photo shoot. I just couldn't resist the look of old brick being taken over by a vine.

On the way back to the farm I took this picture of proof that fall is really here.

Our local drive-in movie theater is closed for the season. That means I will have to wait months until I can sit in the back of a pick up truck in my lawn chair to view the latest flick.


  1. great pics. glad your new camera came in!!! i love the ol brick building with the vine.

  2. Oh my gosh - forgot to mention that I made your brownie recipe yesterday for my SIL's cook-out and they were a HUGE success!! In fact, somebody else brought plain brownies and I hate to brag, but they just looked so sad next to mine - but hey, I have YOU to thank for that, right?

  3. I absolutely love the clear resolution of your new camera. I have a cheapy $80 digital camera, but may look into getting a better one - someday! I like the silly photo the best - they look like they're rockin' out to some music. Wonderful, beautiful young ladies. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care, and have a great Saturday evening, and good Sunday, from central KY.

  4. Congratulations on your new arrival! Love the photo of them jumping and lucky you, you still have a drive in!

  5. I'm so jealous. We went to a mini- tractor pull today. I got lots of pictures, but I missed a few, too, since my camera has been acting up. I still haven't taken time to do any research for getting a new one. Yours is doing a great job. I know you are proud of it.

  6. I know that it may sound strange but I haven't seen a mandolin in all my life...
    Nice first shots with your new camera, and this is from a Canon friend.

  7. Hi, Farmchick!
    Great pix! Your niece is darling and it sounds like she is so talented!
    I'm glad I found your blog. I'm a city girl turned farmer's wife.I have the same problem you do- I live in a fishbowl. Fun, huh? I'm following you because I think Farmgirls should stick together. Please drop by my blog and say hello.

  8. This last one of the Drive-In brought back great memories of sneaking into movies as a teen. We have just ONE left around here now. ENJOY the camera! The results look wonderful.

  9. New camera pics look great. Our local drive-in theater closed for good about 10 years ago:(.

  10. Kent - I am so glad the brownies turned out well for you. It is a great recipe!

    VP - Mandolins are pretty common around here and are used in bluegrass music. I am loyal to my Canon brand just like you!

  11. congratulations on your new device! There will still be full of beautiful photos on your blog to the future, this series is great! And it is not easy to be a subject for the photos but the game is fast!
    Bye... :)

  12. Neat camera! I'll have to check it out. :)

  13. All that talent and she's lovely, too! :)

    I asked for a new camera for my birthday...I hope I get one!

  14. Super shots. I love the jumping in air shot. I would like to upgrade my Canon but will have to keep saving my pennies for awhile longer. MB

  15. I can tell you are gonna have lots of fun with that new Canon!
    Can't wait to see the pics you're gonna take.
    I have found that the best pictures I take are not the one's that are posed, but one's while they are getting ready to pose. Or just acting naturally.
    I just keep snapping away.
    But you did get some great shots!!!


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