Friday Randomness

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.......

So, word around my neck of the woods is that, "The Turtle Man", is becoming a household name.  Check him out for yourself, if you dare.  I am not sure I have any other words for him except, "bless his heart".

My son killed a doe with his bow on Wednesday of this week.  He is a proud young man.

If you are getting cold this fall you can make some of my homemade hot cocoa mix.  Although quite delicious, this recipe makes a large batch.  So much so, in fact, I keep mine stored in a one-gallon jar. 

Looking forward to a long weekend here at the farmette.  Stay warm my friends. 


  1. love your header....have a nice weekend's cold here in Texas...may need some of that hot chocolate...

  2. I will admit, this is the first I have heard of "The Turtle Man."
    Congratulations to your son!
    I pinned the hot chocolate recipe..

  3. Great job to your son! Turtle Man started my day off with a smile, too. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Congratulations to your son, a reward for many hours of practice, no doubt. - Off to check out the links, have a great weekend! xo

  5. i enjoyed the Turtle Man! thanks for introducing him to us non-Kentuckians. :)

    congrats to your hunter son!

  6. It's cold here too -- they said it may snow, but I don't think so. The cocoa sounds so delicious.

  7. that's a beautiful pile of pumpkins

    I read up on The Turtle Man...sounds like a job that needs to be done and he appears to like doing it. When I was a kid carloads of men used to come up from North Carolina to go "turkling" in the Nottoway River (which was a mile behind our house)...Mom would let them go down and they'd came back hours later with "turkles." They'd catch them by getting in the water and walking along the river bank sticking their hands into the crevices in the bank...I don't remember any getting hurt. They told my Mom they made turtle soup from their catch.

  8. When my kiddos were home I always had a batch of Hot Cocoa Mix mixed up. I don't know why I stopped makin' it. Thanks for the reminder sweetie!!

    Love, love, love your very colorful punkin' array!!! Fabulous picture.

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend. :o)

    Now...I'm off to check out this Turtle Man!

  9. I am quite envious of the variety of shapes and colors of these pumpkins...

  10. Not cold enough here for hot cocoa...but heading that's rainy and snow is falling in the mountains!

  11. FORGET cocoa...
    Try this:
    Apple Cider Margarita
    Cider 5-6 oz
    Gold Tequila i-2 oz(I like 2)
    Triple Sec 1 oz
    rim glass w/ sugar and cinnamon


  12. Congrats to your son on his hunting prowess! What a great pile of gourds! Do visit my blog and see my trade bead collection if you have time!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. That is a colorful pile of pumpkins and their relatives. Nice shot. Turtle Man? I didn't even know that turtles are a problem. Interesting, as usual . . .

  14. Good fresh deer meat for you!! Love it!

    Cocoa sounds delicious and so does the Apple Cider Margarita/ha

  15. Great pumpkins and yes I could do with some hot cocoa about now. We have a 40% chance of snow tomorrow.

  16. Gourd farming at its best... showing a bountiful harvest.

    Love the textures and colours.

  17. I need the Turtle Man to come clean out my pond- the turtles have about taken over. Congrats to your son- I know he is proud.

  18. I didn't know turtles could be so nasty! I'm checking out the cocoa recipe; I need something quick when I don't have time to pull the whole process from the Nestle cocoa box off.

  19. Our firearm deer season starts next week. Congrats to your son. :)

  20. So many varieties of PUMPKINS! WOW!

  21. Ha ha - loved that Turtle Man story ! Not something I'd be lining up for though.

    Congrats to your son - deer roast comin' up !

  22. Turtle Man is fantastic :D

    Congrats to your son!!!

  23. Yea! Venison for the freezer. Congrats to the hunter. I bet he'll be smiling ear to ear for awhile.

    Thanks for sharing the hot chocolate recipe. That sounds yummy and a must try!


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