Friday Randoms

Today I offer up a squiggly piece of wood for your viewing excitement.  

Ten photos from the Department of the Interior that are worth your time.  

If you have some New Years Resolutions, then these phrases just might help you a bit.  

A little disco track, as heard from the latest installment of the Night at the Museum series.   

No plans for the day and I find that to be pretty awesome.  Enjoy your weekend, my friends!  

Linking up with Tanya today!  


  1. #1 Tarzan swinging in the trees/
    #2 WOW!
    #3 Good reminders.
    #4 I'll pass.
    #5 No plans, how sad.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. I wish you a good Friday and weekend.

  3. Squiggly Wood . . What a terrific find . . Thank you for thinking to amaze us with it. Those Dept. of Interior Photos . . (woah . . causes me to hold my breath - wowzer) Thank YOU . . Happy New Year!

  4. And a very cool squiggly piece of wood it is! Dept of Int photos ROCK! Enjoy your day and weekend.

  5. those vines are tough buggers! i had a devil of a time with the huffington post site. too many ads so i could only load a couple of shots. and no plans sounds wonderful! (i have to go to wal-mart...) yuck.

  6. What a great tree pictures, loving the way the branches are winding around the trunks.
    Those Interior photos were awesome.
    Enjoyed the different phrases, a lot of truth in them.
    Not so keen on the music (not my style) but I bet the movie is fun. We loved the first 2.
    Enjoy your day of no plans, sometimes those are the best days.

  7. Nice shot! And the Top 10 of the National Parks were amazing! Great Friday Five!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    A day with no plans sounds just great :-)
    Happy New year to you, Michelle!

  9. Great links today!

    Happy New Year :-D

  10. I wish you a happy weekend, a lovely weekend! Take care...

  11. The woods around here are full of the big ol' muscadine vines that kids use to play on... I have swung on them many times myself...
    Glad I took the time to view the photos....such beautiful places in the good ol' USA

  12. Hi Michelle, Happy New Year. Your Friday 5 are great, as always, but two are in the awesome category ... 1. The pictures on Instagram by Dept. of Interior, and 2. The Huffpost article on 15 Phrases. Thanks for all! Now, I especially wanted to thank you for your recent comment on my blog, "I always appreciate the history I learn when I visit here." Just wanted you to know that made my day! Thanks so much! John

  13. Happy New Year Michelle! May 2015 rock! Looking forward to enjoying your blog this year.


  14. Nice woods. I love that Cheryl Lynn song!

  15. Thanks for your suggestions for my trip to New Orleans. We actually lived there in Lafayette LA for 5 years so I got to go in NOLA fairly often. We are staying in a historic hotel right in the quarter. Place d' Armes. It has 3 courtyards and a pool.. right adjacent to Jackson Square. I never got to go to Commanders Palace or Brennans before.. but those are on the top of my list this time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Love the picture of the woods... Nice to have a nothing kinda day Michele. Blessings Francine.

  17. i loved the photos, especially the grizzly bear! days without plans are just the best aren't they?!! thank you for linking and happy new year!!

  18. I read those phrases and they were very interesting, I'm going to keep the "I'm busy" one in mind... I always think it's rude to say so when people ask me something and then I end up with so many things to do I'm irritable and people are disappointed... Happy New Year to you!

  19. I enjoyed your Friday Five Michelle. Thanks for the links. Loved your tree photo.

  20. The photos from the Department of the Interior are incredible...

  21. Michelle,
    Amazing wonderful photos-I just have to share this little story-I grew up in Idaho just on the other side of the Tetons-Moose are abundant in this part of the country-I had a baby moose follow me down the road one day when walking. So, I am very partial to the Moose family!
    Enjoy your weekend-

  22. Always love squiggly wood. Have a great weekend :)

  23. The photos from the Department of Interior are wonderful. Let's pretend that I took them. OK?


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