Shine Forever

The stars will shine forever over you
but they will never reach down to your face; 
And the dead leaves will hover over you  
To leave a blanket on your resting place.  
In summer Burdock leaves will flap and wave 
And Sumac sprouts will grow and spit red leaves 
That will lodge on a net, brown love-vine weaves
And webs that spiders weave above your grave.
You will not care for rhymes and gold leaves when 
You lie in the place I am speaking of. 
I don't think you will know about them then, 
And, I don't think you will dream of love 
When you lie blind to the drifting skies above.  
Out of the womb of the woman at your birth. 
At death you go back to the womb of the earth.  

Jesse Stuart
Man With the Bull Tongue Plow 
pg. 316


  1. Cool image! I like the poetry.

  2. Beautiful words and complimented so well by the photograph . . :)

  3. Memory-jogger-- "The Thread That Runs So True". I taught this book by J. Stuart, as part of my student teaching assignment, along with "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck.

  4. Love your entry today. Makes one think.

  5. I enjoyed reading that.. and the old house.. must have been quite a place in it's day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. It's such a pretty image, the light is lovely!!

  7. oh, didn't need this...been thinking about this a lot lately....yet I love it. Superb image to go with it.

    Jesse Stuart...have you read The Thread That Runs so is about his life. I read it first in high school and have read it a number of times since.

  8. Cool backlit shot and lovely words though I'd rather not think about the ending... :-)

  9. A beautiful photo and some great words...


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