Friday Randoms

A lovely orchid that makes me think I need one around the house.  

This Victorian house has the best details.  Amazing that they have been preserved.  

As a fan of Antiques Roadshow I can say that this was bound to happen, sooner or later.  

If you need to let off some steam, this might be for you.  

Leavin' you with some Gregg Allman for the weekend.  Have a good one!  

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  1. Get your orchid, if you think you need it, you do!

  2. Love your Friday randoms Michelle :) had to laugh at the 'jug of many faces' I bet the Antique Roadshow guy's face was a wee bit red :) The Victorian house is too fabulous, I could live there as long as there wasn't a Victorian ghost in residence :) Happy weekend..

  3. Hello, I love the orchid and would love to have one. I just wish I had a green thumb. Great randoms. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Some good randoms, Michelle! I have many orchids around my house now, and on my work desk I have 2. Although, truth be told, I have killed many orchids before I got these wonderful thriving beauties. I've learned. TGIF! Aloha!

  5. I'm like Eileen, I d love an orchid but I am useless at looking after them! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I always look at the orchids at the grocery and pass them up. I wonder if I could keep one alive. haha.
    Love that old house.....amazing!

  7. Gregg Allman, Victorian design, Antiques Road Show, a cheese-ball gun, orchids . . . these are all very good signs. Happy Weekend, girl . . . enjoy.
    (I'm having a Chateau Neuf du Pape, and it's sooo good. Wishing I could offer you a glass.)

    1. Rick! Your wine sounds fantastic. I had to settle for some Chianti this evening. Have a great weekend!

  8. That is a fine orchid. Go ahead and get a few for your place.

  9. #1 orchids are a delight
    #2 pretty, pretty
    #3 things are worth what ever someone will pay
    #4 nope
    #5 nor am I

  10. Aww jeepers, I want that house! :) Orchids are beautiful, but I can not grow them. I've tried.

  11. Beautiful orchid . . .
    I wonder how temperamental they are.
    I am sure our Michigan temperatures from cold, colder, sometimes warm, a bit of humidity would not play well for it thriving.
    I think it might need a more consistent environment . . . So pretty though.
    Love the bit about the clay pot . . . It truly did have a Picasso vibe . . .

  12. that is one beautiful orchid!! you should get one, they are much easier to care for these days.....mine, 3 ice cubes, once per week and it's good to go. i've had it at least 5 years now!!!!

  13. You should try an orchid. I have one that sent out new flower shoots twice now.. and DIL got me two more. The flowers last for a LONG time! Enjoy your weekend.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. I love orchids. I own a few but they are difficult for me to get them to re-bloom as our climate is so dry and they like moisture.
    I loved the Victorian house for sale--I'm sure it would require a lot of upkeep but I hope someone will buy it and give it the love it deserves.
    Ha ha Antique Roadshow---I have to admit that scupture could pass for a work by Picasso!

  15. Pretty orchid! I think you need it too.
    Beautiful place - I need that! :)
    The cheese ball gun is a hoot. My guys woud have a "ball" with it.
    Loved the Antique Road show story. It did look od, I must admit.

  16. I agree, I think you need a beautiful orchid in your home. You have such an appreciation of beauty, so it would be perfect for you and much love for the plant.

  17. Love the orchid. The details in that house -- Wowzer! Off the check out the other links ... thanks for the fun!
    Have a great week.

  18. Preserving that home over the years is quite something. What a fun Antiques Roadshow oops. Funny.
    Happy Sunday!

  19. Beautiful orchid. And…omg! That story about the Antiques Roadshow is hysterical! I hadn't heard about it. Too funny! Just goes to show….art is in the eye of the beholder. And, critics (appraisers) might not necessarily know what they're talking about. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  20. Lovely bloom, they are easy to take care of


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