Outside My Front Door

Taking a moment this morning to appreciate the barn right outside my front door.  

She is old, but not too old.  
She is just right.  

Maybe sometimes a bit creepy when I am trying to get a couple of straw bales and hoping that a stray animal doesn't surprise me.....

Today she is surrounded by clear, blue skies.  
Maybe it will stay that way for a mere few hours.  

Linking up with The Barn Collective today.  
Pay Tom a visit, won't you?!  


  1. She still looks strong and straight with a nice worn patina! Thanks Michelle for sharing this beauty. I hope that there are more down in your neck of the woods for us to see.

  2. How lucky to have your own lovely barn, Michelle!

  3. Hello, she is looking good. Great photos, I hope there were no surprises jumping out of the straw bales. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. Your barn is a beauty. I do love a good barn. I wish more people would take care of them and save our countryside treasures. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Beautiful little profile snippets of your wonderful red barn. Yes, it's the slithering animal type I would not want to meet in there....

  6. You've got a good one.
    I love that weathered red/gray patina.
    I was driving through southern rural Illinois farmland today, and passed
    so many beautiful barns. I wanted to stop and shoot each one.
    But I would have never reached my appointment (ha.)
    I thought of you today . . .
    Michelle, the farmette, barns, lucky girl.

  7. Lucky you with a nice barn.
    ( In Norwegian barn is the word for children.)

    Happy new week! And let us both hope for SUNSHINE :)

  8. Interesting views of your barn!
    Have a great week!

  9. Nice! Your first lines, "She is old but not too old. She is just right." is perfect in so many ways. Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend.

  10. What a great barn!

    We are having those same daily downpours you are.

  11. I have always had a love affair with barns...this one is perfect...xoxo
    going over to link a barn post with Mr. Tom

  12. I really LIKE the reference to 'she' in this post!!

  13. I do love barns, never tire of seeing them.Blessings Francine.

  14. Gorgeous barn and we too are having so much rain.

  15. Nice perspective shots of the barn.

  16. i feel the same way when i have to go under the deck where we store pool supplies...hoping no strays scare me! wonderful barn shots!

  17. A red barn right outside your front door? Who lives better than you, Michelle?


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