Friday Randoms

I planted a bed of Bachelor Buttons and ended up with a whole bunch of volunteer Four O'Clocks.  
Go figure.

A friend of mine just hung this hugglepod from a tree in her yard.  Meant for children, but I think I need one of these for myself.    

The oldest house in Charleston is currently up for sale.  I could totally use this as a getaway spot.  

Do you have some things stored in the attic, closet, or somewhere else?  If so, here are a few things that could bring you some cash.  

Leaving you with the feel good song of the moment. 
 I am feeling like the lady in the laundromat :)  

Linking up with Tanya today!  


  1. a hugglepod, that is so cute! i could read in that if it would support my weight lol, i would not care to come crashing through the bottom of it! funny about your flowers but they are pretty! i would love to have that house, 995,000...if i ever won the lottery i'd buy something old and historical like that! thank you for linking michelle, have a great weekend!!

  2. Hello, the four-o'clocks are pretty. I would love to have one of those hugglepods hanging in my tree. The song is great, it is a feel good song. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Saw a larger, adult-version of your hugglepod,
    but it was way too expensive. Great though
    for camping, napping, huggling, and things! 😏
    LOVE that Charleston house.
    And the JT music video. Sort of how I dance.
    Sort of.

  4. I love getting caught up with you! The photos are fab as usual and just fill me with a breath of fresh air and a nostalgic feeling of home... Have a great weekend!

  5. Never heard of a hugglepod before, but I love it! What a wonderful little hideout.
    I checked out the house in Charleston - love it!

  6. Hi Michelle, Another excellent Friday 5. You know, I had to wonder where they came up with the name Four O'Clocks. Looked it up and found this: When the flowers open, after 4 PM, their fragrance is so pleasing that a row or single pot should be near a window. Now I want to try some! :-) Have a great weekend!

  7. yes I think I wouldlike that Hugglepod although I wonder would I be able to get out of it!!!! Have a lovely weekend.

  8. i like volunteers. :)
    not a j.t. fan, but i loved all the dancing characters. my fave was the grocer guy.

  9. Quite a difference in seeds for your flowers, but I enjoy four-o-clocks too.

  10. I think every child should have a hugglepod! What an awesome place to read, daydream or just be. Sadly, none of the treasures I own are pictured for a large payout....that house would have been nice.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Four o'clocks just pop up everywhere at my place every summer.

  12. Lovely old house, but I think I might have that roof inspected before I'd seal the deal.

  13. I might be able to get into that hugglepod, but I don't think I could get out again. LOL! Neat old house, fun to see. Have a super weekend!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. I just love your blog header! I have never seen or heard of a hugglepod....I love watching old house get remodeled on HGTV but not sure I want to live in one. Glad you god some flowers anyways!

  15. I did that once...planted seeds and an entirely different flower came up. Yours are pretty tho...
    and my great grands would love that huggle pod....:)

  16. The hugglepod is sweet, and I love the name! I love the house, and those cobblestone streets.
    Fun, fun song!

  17. How odd that you planted Bachelor Buttons and got Four O'Clocks. Maybe they mixed the seed up.
    That Hugglepod thing was so cute.
    Well I don't have any of those antiques lying around so no extra cash for me.

  18. the hugglepod, interesting...and cute, my great nieces would enjoy that!!! the flowers are pretty, perhaps the wrong seeds were in the packet!!!! have a happy weekend!!!

  19. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your Friday randoms Michelle :) The huggle pod looks like an amazing spot to enjoy a read outdoors, the oldest house in Charleston is totally charming and let's face it who doesn't love Justin Timberlake, I've heard the song but the video is brilliant, so good to see something happy and fun oui!

  20. LOVE that Charleston home! The interior looks like a house we wanted to buy once...all that rich, gorgeous wood! I love historic houses!

  21. The huggelpod is too cute. Charleston! Wonderful place to visit. Always fun to see what you find for us. Have a great weekend.

  22. I know the feeling. My garden has so much color that I didn't plant!! That pod is so cool--someone should make one for adults!!

  23. Four o'clocks....I haven't seen them since my single days at home with mom and dad. It was ONE flowering plant my mom always had in our yard.

    Loved that house and its interior.

  24. HugglePod looks cuddly . . .
    Charelston's oldest . . . Now that is a winner . . .
    Hmmmm , cleaning the garden house yesterday I found three, large crocks and one butter churn . . .
    And I know I have a Humpback trunk in the attic . . .
    I think JT is an absolute amazing talent!
    Feelin' Good sure felt like "fooling good!"
    Great Randoms Michelle!


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