Friday Randoms

The bees of the farm have been working hard lately.  They are enjoying all that the sunflowers have to offer.  

Here is a feel good story to get you going this morning.  

A farmhouse built into a Medieval wall?  Charming, for sure.  

I am currently suffering the invasive behavior of a Rose of Sharon shrub.  Here are a few plants you don't want to have around your property.  

Leaving you with some Post Modern Jukebox for the weekend.  

Linking up with Tanya today! 


  1. Too bad about the plant... the blooms are really pretty and the farmhouse was amazing.

  2. #1 Busy workers.
    #2 A BIG guy with a BIG heart.
    #3 Close neighbors?
    #4 Too much of a good thing?
    #5 What a dress.

  3. beautiful photo...i just love that construction worker, what a wonderful story! i was surprised about all the different plants and some i love...i have heard that ivy is bad and also mice like to hide in it, yuck! that farmhouse is amazing!! thank you for linking michelle and have a great weekend!!

  4. Always good to hear a feel good story these days Michelle ๐Ÿ˜ƒ the little house is bright and modern considering its location :) I have at least three invasive plant species in my garden right now, they're winning ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. I always love your links and your photo is amazing....

  6. Can't beat sunflowers and bees! Love the Waldo story and the house built into the wall/ruins -- wow! There seems to always be some plant that is invasive. Another fun post, Michelle. Have a great weekend!

  7. Ha, we both posted a sunflower pic today.
    (But your post gets a bigger smile with that Where's Waldo construction story.)

  8. Beautiful photo! It's funny, here in Massachusetts, Rose of Sharon (a type of hibiscus,also listed separately), are very much non-invasive. They return in the same spot each year and thill us with their blossoms.In fact, we have a little story here that fall is on its way when Rose of Sharon blooms! I suppose each geographic/climate region shares its own invasive/non-invasive species.

  9. I had no idea hibiscus were considered invasive. Where I used to live our neighbor had a beautiful trumpet vine covering his back fence. That farmhouse is amazing!

  10. i could use an invasive rose of sharon. :)

  11. When do you get to harvest your honey? Have you seen the new hives where you just put a jar under a spigot and it comes flowing out? I loved the house built into the medieval wall! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I love your links! We have several rose of sharons - so far no issues! :)
    The farm house is awesome and so is that Waldo story!
    Love Post Modern Jukebox too.

  13. Hi Michelle! I'm glad your bees are doing well this summer! Loved the Waldo story and I know how pretty yet invasive Rose of Sharon Trees are--I had them along my back fence when I live din Brooklyn and I always had to pull out all the little trees the seeds tried to grow everywhere.

  14. Lovely to see your bees beeing buzy, Michelle!
    And such a wonderful thing to cheer up the children of the hospital with the Waldo-figure!
    I enjoyed the vintage-feeling sun of the Black sun - a lovely voice and mood.
    Enjoy your Friday! :-)

  15. Hi Michelle, I always enjoy your Friday 5. So neat to see the story about the construction worker who hides Waldo near the hospital. How is your summer going? Hope you have a fine weekend!

  16. Loved the feel good finding Waldo story . . .
    I love that guy!
    I have Ivy and pachysandra . . . (so far they are doing what I want them to do . . . 25 years in!)
    Fun randoms Michelle . . .

  17. Bees are fascinating indeed. I had my first experience at a hive recently and I am anxious for a repeat performance.

  18. I am having breakfast.... a bit late today, and I have enjoyed the MUSIC, red THE STORY from our neighbouring country, and ALSO read ABOUT THE MAN who make KIDS occupied with a little surprise when they look out the window from the HOSPITAL..... Amazing how much joy I got out of your posting today!
    Thanks, also for the beautiful SUNFLOWER. GOD SOMMER / HAPPY SUMMER!

  19. That farmhouse is so neat! Have a lovely day!


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