Friday Randoms

Heirloom flowers are flourishing despite the heat and lack of rain.  

Have you ever had to buy a gift for the person who had everything?  Well, here is a gift they don't have....for sure.   

Winter is coming....or at least that is what I hear.  The Old Farmer's Almanac says the upcoming winter is going to be, "extra awful."  How awesome is that?!  

If you think Michael Phelps is a cutie, you should check out his son.  

A great cover of one of my favorite country songs to send you into the weekend.  

Have a great one!  

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  1. Hello, Phelp's son is a cutie! Your flowers are beautiful. I am ready to migrate this winter, leave the awful stuff behind. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Spectacular flower!
    (...and bring on the snow!)
    Happy Weekend.

  3. What flower is that? Beautiful. Oh no for an awful winter. I have decided to embrace winter which I [hate] because who knows how many more winters I'll have left to experience... I'm going to have to buy that almanac.

  4. Fried chicken candle? - yech! I thought the perfect gift for the person who had everything was penicillin? :-)

  5. #1 Lack of rain is an understatement.
    #2 Get out!
    #3 I don't think that they have been on the mark about the summer.
    #4 I'll pass.
    #5 It doesn't get much better than Alison Krauss and Suzanne Cox.

  6. I grew that same color of pink cleome,I always have to have a few somewhere

  7. Gorgeous! And I know JUST the person to give that candle to! my bestie's husband doesn't like her burning candles unless they're food scented. He hates lilac and lavender... This is PERFECT!

  8. Hi Michelle, I always look forward to your Friday 5s. You're the best at this! :-) I do like the Fried Chicken candle! Ha ha. I love fried chicken ... but who doesn't? You included the candle as something for the one who has everything. I actually thought about the same concept recently when I saw this in a catalog Maybe you will include it in one of your future Friday 5s. Thanks for sharing your blog and have a wonderful weekend! PS The Heirloom flowers photo is a beauty!

  9. Hmmm - I don't think that's a candle I want, but I see it's sold out so some people must like it!
    Awful winter? I'm not ready for that!
    Boomer is adorable!

  10. Your photography is so pretty!
    Do you give lessons???
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  11. Not sure if a fried chicken candle fragrance would be my favorite . . .
    Loved pics of that little Phelps' baby boy . . .
    Michael continues to amaze me . . . truly an Olympian!

  12. Oh what a cutie, both of them :)
    Have a beautiful saturday!
    Love from Titti

  13. Michael Phelps baby is too adorable. Hate winter so I am going to focus on the 20% that the almanac gets wrong. xo Laura

  14. At this point, extra awful is looking pretty darn good to me :)

  15. I've enjoyed watching Michael Phelps...and his fiance and baby. He's a cutie...she's a beauty. ha.

    Extra awful winter....well, you know how I love winter. Yay! haha.

  16. Lovely dad had some of these along his fence line...spider something or other. LOL

    As far as the fried chicken scented candle ... I'll pass.

  17. Your heirloom flowers looks so pretty ... Love the pink-white combination and the puffy form!
    The baby has the most marvellous cheeks :)
    Have a great coming week, Michelle ... Jolene is now in my mind, humming the melody here :)

  18. oh what a beautiful photo! hmmm, fried chicken candle, i might like that! funny, we were just talking about winter at the game friday! phelps baby is so cute! thank you for linking michelle, have a great week!!

  19. No, I don't have that candle. And, it is OK with me if you don't send me one. A nasty winter? Naples, here I come!


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