Friday Randoms

Possibly the best name for a laundromat ever created.  

Waverly Hills Sanatorium made the list for being the most haunted place in Kentucky.  What made the list in your state?

Sweet baby photos gone wrong.

I truly dislike the Halloween candy on this list, but the candy corn and circus peanuts go beyond dislike for me.  Yuk!

Leaving you with a Post Modern Jukebox rendition of Madonna 
Seriously good.

Linking up with Tanya today.


  1. LOL!! The baby photos had me trying to stifle my laughing while in a crowded commuter train! Massachusetts most haunted place is supposedly Dogtown- which I've never heard of. I guess I need to investigate further. Thanks for making my Friday morning commute enjoyable! Happy weekend!

  2. What a clever name to name your it. Winchester Mystery House made the CA list...we were able to visit it last summer. It is beautiful with a sad tale. This babies! So funny! Have a lovely day and weekend.

  3. I agree . . . Twinkle Tub . . .
    and oh my . . . cute baby photos . . .

  4. I like the Twinkle Tub, a unique find.After overindulging on the candy it has lost some of it's appeal,just a bit.Thought I would make something healthier this weekend like apple pie. LOL

  5. Those baby photos are wonderful and the Madonna cover, too. I don't know how you manage to find these things.

  6. love the list of haunted places...i've been to a few like the pirate's house and crescent hotel and the cemetery in chicago but i haven't been to the one here in virginia yet! have to add it to my list of things to see...the country living links won't load for me right now so i will have to check back! have a great day michelle and thank you for linking :)

  7. #1 perhaps
    #2 not a halloween guy
    #3 art
    #4 snickers rule
    #5 neat

  8. Great picture! A laundromat with a great name, yes :)
    Have a lovely friday!
    Love and hug,

  9. Twinkle Tub ... I'll be laughing all day! In Texas the most haunted place is: Jefferson, Texas The Grove
    Built around 1861, this Greek revival in Jefferson, Texas, is home to several ghosts, most notably the Lady in White, who was first spotted by the owner of the house in the 1990s. A staff member later reported the sensation of being watched, and sure enough, when she turned to look, she saw a woman dressed in white heading down the hallway. Fun post! Have a great week!

  10. That is a great name for a laundromat. : )

  11. lol, I have to disagree with you on the candy. Circus peanuts were awesome if you only ate it in tiny bites. My grandpa ALWAYS had a bag of these at the nursing home when we went to visit him as a kid.
    AND candy corn is the bomb! Of course, also in tiny bites, because wow, this stuff is sugary!!!

  12. Always enjoy Friday's with you, those kids are a hoot!!!! Blessings Francine.

  13. Love 'Twinkle Tub'! Those baby photos are too funny - I sent them to my daughter. We were just talking about baby photos last night :) My Mr. loves candy corn. Too sweet for me! Hope you have a sweet weekend, though :) x K

  14. I love it.
    Great post, as always.
    Have the BEST weekend -- love the season.

  15. Some horrible houses and surprise baby photos.
    Yes good name for laundromat.

  16. Twinkle Tub is very cute. Our haunted place is really super neat.. Pittock Mansion.. I've toured it many times and it's gorgeous. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Twinkle Tub is perfect! Those baby pics - oh my!
    I like corn candy and circus peanuts. I think there may e something wrong with you. :)
    Post Modern Jukebox is always good!

  18. I had to read and then follow other links regarding the most haunted place in Florida. Turns out it was in the town I grew up in and still visit quite a bit....I'd never heard of this place before. Very interesting.
    The baby photos are SO funny!
    The rendition of Material girl is phenomenal.

  19. Love, love, love the baby photos, totes adorbs 😊 I think our most haunted spot is the old museum in Fremantle or could be the Fremantle gaol!

  20. You do these random posts really well. I love this. Thanks!

  21. This is a great image! I know several travel magazines who have a style like this.... It looks like the perfect LOCATION for a film too.


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