Friday Randoms

A cat mailbox, just because I found one.  

This is certainly one way to keep the house clean before hosting a holiday event.  

The Garden and Gun Good Dog Photo Contest winners can be found here.  Check them out, because how can you not?  

These are rated as the 12 worst TV shows of all time.  I actually liked Northern Exposure, back in the day.

Leaving you with Bruce Springsteen for the weekend.  I had to explain this song to my daughter, as the concept of only 57 channels doesn't computer with her.  

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  1. #1 Meow!
    #2 This is a LIVING room?
    #3 Dogs and butterflies go together?
    #4 Except for Northern Exposure (a favorite) I've never heard of any of them.
    #5 I didn't know that there were 57 channels.

  2. We just discussed listening to old music and your childrens ideas.Mine was Beatles songs. Like that mailbox, a treasure

  3. cute kitty waiting for the postman.

  4. How on earth did Northern Exposure get dumped in that pile of garbage???

  5. Well since I wasn't a big watch TV person I didn't know any of the top 12 worst shows LOL
    I like the old random mailbox pictures

  6. LOVED the "keeping the house clean" funny but not realistic!!!

  7. Cute mailbox. I've come across many different mailboxes while walking. Might be fun to do weekly mailbox finds.
    I too like Northern Exposure. The other shows listed I've never seen and some never heard of!!

  8. I enjoyed your reasoning for the cat mailbox Michelle ☺ I suspect putting a'no entry' into the lounge room would be strongly objected to ☺☺ love the dogs, how could I not and I used to quite enjoy Northern Exposure also, I'm sure it landed on the list by accident ☺

  9. Fun mailbox. It would be nice to have a fun one, but we have to have a locked steel one coz the local teenagers think it's fun to whack them with baseball bats and people also like to steal mail. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I LOVED Northern Exposure when it was on. Never missed it. Most of the other shows on that list I've never heard of.


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