Friday Randoms

Sharing a photo I posted on Instagram of a park next to my parent's home.  
A bench with a great view. 

Thinking of a road trip in the future?  Here is a vintage camper you might like.  

Breakfast for dinner is a favorite around my house.  If you love it too, then here are a few recipes you might enjoy.  I'll take the drunken bread pudding, please.....

I haven't used the services of an Uber driver, but if you have, maybe one of these items belongs to you. 

My Dad shared The Super Cats with me this week and now I am sharing them with you. 

Linking up with Tanya today!  


  1. Hello, the camper is cute. Just looks tiny though. We enjoy breakfast for dinner often, the drunken french toast does look yummy, I like the blueberry pancakes too. Lovely scene and photo. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Each recipe sounded wonderful.
    I am totally making the Spinnach Quiche . . .
    Recipe saved into my Paprika Recipe App.
    Red VW lived in my life in the late sixties . . . not a camper though.
    Tiny and cute . . . Thank you for the VW memories!

  3. Ummmm I can almost feel the warm breeze blowing.

  4. I made French toast with coffee creamer last week.

  5. This was a timely post, Michelle, as we just had breakfast for dinner tonight: a frittata that contained peppers, sun dried tomatoes, pepperoni and 2 types of cheese. Glad you had an enjoyable time away with family. The photo is lovely and peaceful looking as well.

  6. Drunken bread that sounds wonderful!

  7. Love that photo...looks so pleasant. As always, interesting links.

  8. Such a peaceful view! Love the camper!

  9. Nice photo. I like how you brought out the silhouettes.

  10. This photo looks like it was taken at the Intercoastal. Very pretty!

  11. today...i was wondering how you pick your features for this?! the rv bugs are interesting, i 'may' need a little more room ;)

    we used uber for the first time in washington with much success. we did not leave any of those items behind!!!

    1. Debbie, I read the news on the internet, all the time. During the week I just save items that I think are interesting to include on Fridays.

  12. A peaceful setting for a bench. A good place to dream and meditate.

  13. I love the tree in the foreground.

  14. Love the bench.. there is one on the Columbia River that I like.. I need to go back for a visit. Fun VW camper.. what a hoot! I enjoyed the brinner recipes.. makes me want to make my Mom's French Toast recipe. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Indeed...a wonderful view! Reminds me of a similar scene I love along the Casloosahatchee River in Ft. Myers. Hope you enjoyed your get away. And...I'll look for you on IG! : )

  16. Your parents live near the water? So lucky.

  17. Pretty bench shot & view.
    The VW Camper is cute, who knew they even made them (I didn't).
    That was a funny list of stuff left in an Uber car. The Wedding Outfit especially.
    Lots of the breakfast stuff sounded good.
    Catchy tune.


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