Friday Randoms

A pedestrian caught in my shot at the Church of St. Jerome in Taos.  

Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me and some new findings are shedding light on the origins of the population. 

I will admit to a love of this store.  

I will take a double scoop of the #1 pick, please.  What about you?  

Leaving you with an old, classic Johnny Cash tune.  
Have a good one!  

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  1. I Love the Vermont Country Store Catalog! The Old fashioned candies.. the perfumes my grandmother wore.. those flannel sheets and PJs!

    and I'll have two scoops of #3 please..

  2. Taos sounds fun, a great place to explore

  3. Hello, I love your photos, the person walking is framed beautifully. I also like the Vermont Country Store. The no. 6 would be my favorite, I love chocolate. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh I wish we had a Vermont Country Store here! I might have to get on their mailing list. LOVE the image of the Taos gate.. score! Enjoy your summer! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hardly a day goes by when I DON'T have a little ice cream!!! : )

  6. I know this place.
    (I love Taos.)

  7. Cool pic!
    I think the Egypt info is very interesting.
    I have to check out that store. I've heard of it, but never looked at what they had.
    Can you believe, I'm not a fan of ice cream. None of those sound very good to me. :)
    Love Johnny Cash!

  8. I would not say no to any of those ice cream fact I would like to try them all!

  9. I played the grooves off of that live Johnny Cash album when I was a kid, but haven't heard this song in decades. Thanks for sharing it!

    The Egyptian DNA is fascinating. I recall reading somewhere that the Romans considered the Egyptians to be Greeks (or near kin) and this seems consistent with that.

  10. Hard to believe that Johnny Cash ever looked that young!

  11. Gosh talk about timing, fab first shot Michelle. Our trip to Egypt was the most fascinating trip ever! It's vanilla ice cream all the way for moi 😀 Happy weekend.

  12. Cool capture-good timing! I love johnny Cash too. He had attitude and a unique voice.

  13. Liked that Church of the St. Jerome . . . with the visitor in the middle.


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