Friday Randoms

I have a twenty minute drive to, "town", each morning for work.  This affords me many views, one of which this week was my accountant, in his pajamas, waiting with his son for the bus.  Small town life is all real.....all the time.  

Been looking for a White Moose?  Well....lucky you.  

A few sports photos for your enjoyment can be found here.  

A newborn with rollers in her hair, why of course.  

I happened upon this by accident, but I believe you will enjoy it.  

Linking up with Tanya.  
Have a great one.  


  1. #1 footies?
    #2 we have a herd of white deer here
    #3 to be able to capture shots like this
    #4 creative
    #5 neat

  2. Hello, what a funny sight to see your accountant in his PJ's. I have seen the white moose, I hope it stays safe. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. That baby picture is very unseetling; it (or she?) has a curiously old face - or maybe it's the curlers! Three talented young men - excellent harmonies.

  4. Just love that picture :)
    Have a happy weekend now...

  5. Wow how neat to see a white moose.

  6. Yes, Michelle, watched the white moose in an online video, but haven't seen any here in New England. We used to see many of those clearwing moths in our VA yard

  7. Oh and I thought we were going to see the pyjama clad accountant too!

  8. It's been a long time since I've seen even a brown one in Northern Minnesota. They have some new ailment and the scientists aren't sure what can be done to stop it...:(

  9. Thank you for sharing that amazing image of a white moose.. it's gorgeous! I got a kick out of you seeing your acct. in his jammies! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I think we should have seen the accountant! :)
    The moose is beautiful!
    Those sport pics - wow!
    The baby in rollers is so cute - and those young guys are pretty talented!

  11. I liked the "real" . . .
    Hope the neighbors aren't clicking pictures of me on my early morning trips outdoors with "the pup!"
    Who has 3000 for baby photos . . . I must say though . . . creative!

  12. Oh, too funny about your accountant! I confess, I used to drive my kids to school in my pj's once in a while....Love the baby in rollers and that white moose is amazing!

  13. FAbulous footage of the elk. Have a good week ahead.


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