Friday Randoms

More tobacco, this time it has been cut and placed on a stick.  This method will help it hang in a barn until it is dry. 

This slideshow helped me see all of the castles I need to visit.  

Many parts of this old cottage make me think it is the perfect house.   Not fresh and new, but full of history and charm.  

This map will show you what food people hate, in your state.  Being from Kentucky, I can say that I love hummus, so it is wrong.  

Leaving you with some Stevie Ray Vaughn for the weekend.  
Make it a good one.  

Linking up with Tanya today.  


  1. #1 makes for a nice picture
    #2 even castles don't last forever
    #3 to die for
    #4 who would put ranch on pizza
    #5 thanks for my Stevie Ray fix

  2. Hello, I love the views of the castles and the cottage is cute. The food map says Marylanders do not like the corners of brownies, I love brownies even the chewy edges. Love the photo! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Those tobacco stacks look so pretty. I've never seen it grow/harvested.

  4. I LOVE that beautiful old cottage and everything in it!

    Have a great weekend...

  5. We don't grow tobacco around here and I always enjoy seeing photos of it and the barns!
    I love, love, love castles!
    That is one gorgeous cottage.
    Michigan is supposed to hate cold pizza. I like it better hot, but will eat it cold and I know a lot of people who eat it cold...
    Stevie Ray is always good!

  6. Beautiful photos and I had the pleasure of seeing Stevie Ray live many years ago. It was a highlight for sure.

  7. Tobacco fields are always so beautiful.
    Silly question . . . do they smell like cigars
    or cigarettes? That can be a very pleasant aroma
    (before they're lit, that is.)
    And as far as I know, everyone here eats their last
    bit of hot dog.
    Yes, we miss Stevie Ray.
    Enjoy this great weekend weather.

  8. That really is a nice photo of the tidy tobacco field. I loved the images of the Cajun cottage. We lived in Lafayette for 5 years and I adore the old history of the area. We even lived in an old acadian house right on the Vermillion River in Milton, LA. Reminded me of that house. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Gorgeous cottage . . . pictures.
    Loved the wooden spoon pic and the oyster mobile.
    And of course each and every other little bit of charm.
    Nice music . . .

  10. The old cottage is gorgeous!!!

  11. Oh, the tobacco stacks is making me miss NC so much! That is something I don't see much now that I live in Minnesota. So glad I found your blog.

  12. Lots of work to get all the tobacco cut and placed on their sticks. A fantastic photo and it looks so nice and tidy.
    Have a wonderful weekend Michelle.

  13. the old cottage is a work of art, i would love to have the tub!! your image is beautiful!!!

  14. You give me so much inspiration and you have always so beautiful pictures on your blog!
    Love from Titti

  15. Neat shot of the tobacco field. I don't ever get to see that, so thanks for sharing your world. I would love to visit castles, but lighthouses are higher on my bucket list. Have a great weekend!

  16. I'm sorry but I love garden fresh Minnesota green beans. It was my moms effort to convince me that Norweigians beloved lutefisk at Christmas time that failed to convince me...:)

  17. Always enjoy your Friday Randoms Michelle, the abandoned castles were fabulous! Isn't it amazing how many of them were built incredibly high up, must have been really difficult to build, all that hard work to be left to disintegrate!

  18. I worked on a tobacco farm as a teen and saw several 4 times in concert ask felt right at home with this post!


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