Friday Randoms

Fall is one week away.  The Farmette is ready.....are you?

Prince George is eating better at school than I am each day.  

When you don't have a sitter for date night, a little, "Air of the Dog", is just the thing.  I might need it for a Summertime BBQ.  

Here is a list of B&B's for your Leaf Peeping Pleasure.  

Leaving you with some Johnny Lang for the weekend.
  Make it a good one, won't you?  

Linking up with Tanya today.  


  1. No we are not ready, that fire wood looks good, I need to make a big supply of it but they have beans planted this year and I can't get in to cut it.

  2. Lots of color creeping in, not ready for summer to end. went swimming yesterday at the lake.

  3. Hello, we had a cord of wood delivered recently too. We are ready as we can be for winter. I hope it is not a bad one. Prince George is a cutie! Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. Love, love, love the date night. What a guy!!!

  5. What a super fun series of Friday Randoms Michelle. I think Jamie Oliver is responsible for a lot of the excellent school menus in England. Love, love, loved the 'air of the dog video, brilliant 😀 have a fab weekend!

  6. It's that time of year again, gathering wood is never fun. Nice stacking of the wood.

  7. It is quite rare that we actually need wood here in Florida, although we do have a small electric fireplace which gives out a certain amount of heat and it can get down in the 30s at times.

  8. Love the Air of The Dog! Great pic today, Michelle!

  9. That's a lot of firewood!! Air of the Dog is a great idea... love it!

  10. awwww, everything is different here, but i like the look. i bookmarked the b&b's, we love to explore fall foliage!!

  11. Looks like you're all set with all that wood. It will be cold before we know it.

  12. We are eagerly awaiting a bit more fall-like weather here in NH after a week with temps in the mid-80s and yes I am ready for fall foliage...let the color begin (soon).

  13. Those were some fancy sounding lunches. - I saw a couple of places I'd enjoy fall there. The one in Vermont was my favorite. - It's starting to cool of here already.

  14. Yes indeed . . . fall is marching right down the road.
    We are "buttoning up" our "to do" "must be done" things as fast as we can.
    Thankfully wood chopping/stacking is not on our list

    Today will be sweltering here, with 90 degrees predicted.
    Cooler in the evening though . . .
    We will be attending our exceptional Irish Music Festival . . .
    and enjoying some banjo, fiddle, foot stamping, get up and move music!

    Yes indeed . . . a very fine school Prince George will attend.
    I think I read somewhere the tuition is twenty thousand euro or more.
    Not sure if diversity will be high on the list of his educational experience.
    He and his sister sure are "little adorables."

    I enjoy seeing Prince George's "mind of his own" personality . . .

    Enjoy your getting ready for winter days!

  15. Best wishes for a lovely weekend now...
    Love from Titti

  16. I love your wood pile.. may I ask what kind of wood that is? Oh to be a little prince in England. Lucky kid.. or is he? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Teresa, this is from a Locust tree that fell on our farm. Not what we usually use, but we are not one to waste a fallen tree!

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  18. Must have been a big Locust Tree, looks like a lot of wood!
    Happieness is a full woodshed, especially this time of year...


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