Friday Randoms

When your husband doesn't want a llama on the farmette, a pair of llama socks can offer a small bit of consolation.  

Click here for a bit of diversity from around the world.  

Squash bugs may have killed all of my pumpkins, but not my enthusiasm for pumpkins on my front porch.  Here are a few porch ideas for Autumn.  

Two, scrappy looking pups rescued from Hurricane Harvey, just got a new home. 

Leaving you with some Stones for the weekend.  
Make it a good one!  

Linking up with Tanya today.  


  1. #1 a small bit
    #2 the world is a colorful place
    #3 I'll have to have a front porch first
    #4 were they doing the doggy paddle
    #5 dang, those dudes are OLD

  2. Llamas are good security. I love those socks, getting that time of year to get out my full length ones.

  3. Love the Stones and llamas. Hate squash bugs. I don't think there is any way to eradicate them. I read once to lay a board down next to the plants and they'd all go under it and then you can squash them back.

  4. Great looking socks. Oh too bad you can't have a llama. Maybe an alpaca, they are a little smaller. : )

  5. Loved those portraits! Love your socks.

  6. Have you put on your full girl/wife/female power to convince your spouse that he would love a llama? Tell him how you could spin the wool and knit socks for him. :-) Love the people from around the world. TOTALLY loved all the fall decor.. now I'm going to hang up my new fall wreath from last year. Hope the house doesn't burn down! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Greetings Michelle. Love your certainly fits the title of your blog. I've heard that llama wool and alpaca wool are very soft and comfy. Those sock would be wonderful in the winter time!

  8. Hello, I love the cute socks. But, a real llama would be nice too. The pups are cute, so glad they were rescued. I always love the Stones, a favorite classic band. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  9. I had to laugh at Tom's post, those dudes are old but we are all young at hear. I love your lama socks!!

  10. You and Aimee have the same taste in socks Michelle 😊 I do love a bit of diversity and loooove hearing about rescued dogs!


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