Friday Randoms

Just the top of a fence post.  

Currently, we are freezing here in Kentucky, with no relief in sight.  Here are a few photos of lovely winter landscapes....not here where I live, of course!  

Christmas at Rockefeller Center can be found here.  

If you were a fan of Mad About You, years ago, you should read this.  

Leaving you with some Postmodern Jukebox for the weekend.  Make it a good one, won't you?  

Linking up with Tanya today. 


  1. We have a wonderful winter landscape here but it is too cold to wander for long! I love your fence post pic, Michelle!

  2. Great fence shot! I could happily skip winter, the cold and snow just are not for me.
    I am looking forward to Spring and some warm weather. I used to like the Mad about you show, I would like to see it come back. Wishing you a happy weekend. All the best to you and yours in 2018, a happy New Year!

  3. We did watch Mad About You and liked it. Not sure if a new one would be as good though.

  4. I love your fencepost pic!
    It's freezing here too and doesn't stop snowing. 18 inches in our backyard!
    Rockefeller Center is so pretty.
    I always like Mad about You, but when they start a show again, it usually doesn't work...
    I always love Postmodern Jukebox!!!!
    Happy New Years to you too.

  5. We are waiting to get a little rain here in west coast.. :(

  6. Good morning Michelle: I think you should rush right out and strew bird seed on top of the post and along the fence rail! All the best for 2018. I will look forward to checking in with you.

  7. I love this random post. Rarely do we really look at things around us and the different textures and colors.

  8. Good luck with your fencing, we have that ahead next spring..

  9. that is a gorgeous image!!! it's freezing and snowing here!!

  10. Fence post and some wheat . . .
    Looking tempting right now.
    This snow lover me is weakening . . .
    Kinda been a saga for the past weeks. . .
    YES, WEEKS . . .
    I see some sun, maybe the new night snow has ceased . . .
    Day snow totals in the past three days . . . 17,14, 8 . . .
    Temperatures -10 to 10 above . . .
    Cold . . .
    I still like walking in it though!
    Happy New Year Michelle!

  11. It's freezing here too-- eight below right now, and that's about the warmest it's getting all day. Stay warm! Happy New Year!

  12. Fence posts always make for good photos. It's very cold here (for us), too. Do not like it! :)
    Happy New Year to you and your family!


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