Friday Randoms

It is well below zero here, with the wind chill factored in, but no snow!  What?  Can't we have cold AND snow?!  

Looking for a new/old home this year?  This could be the one.  

With this cold weather, I am already yearning for a snow day.  These recipes might be my, "got to".  

Here is a man after my own heart.  Ingenuity to the snow rescue.  

Leaving you with some classic Pat Green for the weekend.  Make it a GREAT one!  

Lining up with Tanya today.  


  1. Hello, these are great randoms. I like the crock pot recipes. I enjoy Pat Green's music.
    Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. #1 sounds like you are as cold as I am
    #2 beautiful money pit
    #3 yum
    #4 inventive guy
    #5 thanks

  3. I'm sure that snowplow innovation is in the RG's mind somewhere and he would wonder why everybody wouldn't think of it. Gotta love these guys.

  4. Love your Friday Randoms posts . . .
    I think most everyone has a little bit of a dream about restoring an Old House . . .
    I am trying the Lemon Pesto Chicken . . .
    Might even do so today, I have all the ingredients.
    I can’t wait to show Mister Irish the John Deere/TV box video!
    If it works . . . why not . . .
    We have received almost 60 inches of snow since Christmas . . .
    And freezing temps . ..
    I hope some of the snow works it’s way to you . . .
    Right you are, if it is going to be cold, bring on the SNOW!

  5. No snow here but they closed school for the cold and wind chill so
    the teacher wife is home today.

  6. oooh, that old house! Not far from here either! The pasta crock pot recipes look divine - I do love the crock pot!

  7. We have both here, snow and cold, but today the sun is out, at least for now.
    Most days lately it snows a little bit.

  8. I dislike cold weather and snow rather intensely. So, neither one will get my vote. Now, if central Florida doesn't warm up soon, I'm gonna have to move further south and I just can't move again! What to do? What to do? :)

  9. I swooned and drooled over that house.. with 7 people living in our smallish farmhouse, something that big would be a dream come true. Your recipes made me cry.. I'm on a low carb regimen and can't have pasta and I loooove pasta. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. It was minus 12 here this morning, and we got another 8 inches of snow on Wednesday, more predicted for tomorrow!
    I love that house - it has great potential!
    The recipes look good. Crock pot and pasta is a win/win!
    That guy is ingenious!
    Good music as always....

  11. That old house looks like it's got a ton of potential. Stay warm!!

  12. I hope you're staying warm Michelle! Thank you for the winter recipes... even here in Florida they sound good. If it is possible to retire from a hobby, we are retired home-renovators (;>)) having in the past remodeled three homes of our own , built a house for resale, and helped our grown kids with their projects.... Fun while it lasted. No more though!!

  13. We don't have snow here but the wind chill factor is very cold. Those scrumptious pasta dishes are just the ticket for a warming dinner meal. I wouldn't want the mansion.

  14. Oh I do hope someone buys that house and loves it back to gorgeous. What an inventive way to clear snow 😀 Always enjoy your Friday Randoms Michelle ✨

  15. I don't think you would really like living in Millville, Massachusetts, however interesting that house might have been. Stay warm!

  16. Gorgeous winter photo! So sorry you are having such cold...hope it warms up soon!


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