Friday Randoms

Here it comes!  The weather map shows we are on the cusp of icy weather.  I have two gallons of milk in the fridge.  I am all set.  

Marbles, Magnets, and Music will amaze you and boggle your mind with the amount of work it took to create it.  

This poor dad gets the scare of a lifetime, but I think his boys enjoyed it.  

Looking forward to catching this new show.  

Leaving you with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  Enjoy!!  

Linking up with Tanya today.  


  1. Love the marbles, magnets and music video!

  2. Stay warm!
    The marbles, magnets and music video was mesmerizing. The patience!
    The leaf blowing video looks funny from my point of view....maybe not for the dad himself.
    That show looks interesting....umm, those McConaughey boys are interesting fellows.

  3. I hate those cusps! Too often they lead to trouble! Glad you got all that milk, though. How many kids do you have? :)) Stay warm!

  4. You can always put those milk jugs out on the porch if you lose your electricity! :-) Hope that doesn't happen, and all gets back to normal soon!

  5. Marbles -- real magic and fun! Poor Dad and I love the Preservation Hall Jazz band.
    Happy Friday!

  6. We will be getting more snow and cold weather too. But where I live that is winter. : )
    That dad sure did get a scare. He sure didn't look amused did he!

  7. Hello, love the marbles video and the Dad with the surprise in the leaves. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. Love the marbles video, very creative. Good that you are all set if that nasty icy cusp hits your area. Stay warm and safe!

  9. I'm listening to "I'll Fly Away" right now.. what a rousing version! I spent quite a bit of time in New Orleans when I first got married and before kids. I'll never forget having a hurricane at Pat O'Briens and then listening to the music coming out of Preservation Hall nearby. Good times. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. #1 man am I glad that we are getting snow
    #2 wild
    #3 not smart
    #4 I'll pass
    #5 cool beans

  11. You got some good ones today!
    We got ice and snow here too.
    The marbles are amazing! I can't even imagine how long that took!
    That Dad clip was so funny!
    I haven't heard of the show, but it looks like a good one. :)
    Love, love, love that music!!!

  12. poor dad, those 2 kids got him good!! we love shark tank, one of our tenants was featured on the show and got a deal with mark cuban (fizzes beer system)!!

  13. Have a lovely weekend - take care!
    Love from a grey Sweden and Titti

  14. The "icy" stuff is so not fun. - Way cool to watch the marbles, that poor dad, funny. - Not my type of a show. Great musical selection.

  15. Ice is bad enough but we've got the worst longest below zero in at least ten years....:(

  16. Everything is so slow here, I can't open any videos and on some blogs, not even the photos. Hopefully, this too shall pass. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  17. I saw a great word about current weather . . .

    Marbles, Magnets, Music . . . amazing creative fascinating . . . did I say amazing
    WOW . . . can’t wait to show Mister Irish and grandson Jordon . . .
    Thank you . . .

  18. Excellent Friday randoms Michelle.. incroyable marbles knockdown, the two boys in the like of leaves made me smile and who doesn't love a bit of jazz 😀 Hope it didn't get too cold!

  19. haha that dad was scared, so funny! the marbles was fun to watch...that new tv show looks funny...i hadn't heard of it till now...i'll have to check it out! thanks for linking michelle! stay warm!!


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