Friday Randoms

A photo from the archives when the tomatoes were plentiful, the squash was abundant, the beehives were thriving and my little garden wagon was full. 

If you are looking for a Valentine's Day retreat, then look no more.  

This week Rosie the Riveter passed away.  What an American icon.  

Just some American Eagles, chillin' on the Mississippi. 

Leaving you with some Sir Elton John who is retiring.....what?!  

Linking up with Tanya today!  


  1. Hello, I like your wagon, it does look full of your fresh veggies. I love the video of the eagles on the river. I have always enjoyed Elton John's songs. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  2., green grass! Definitely, something to look forward to this summer.

  3. What a great little wagon. Have you ever thought of painting it red?

  4. I like your wagon, I need one to transport my produce from my allotment to my home, it's only just beyond my back garden, but requires a few trips to transport produce and equipment there and back.

  5. Looking forward to garden tomatoes next summer!

  6. What a LOVELY wagon...
    Have a beautiful weekend, take care!

  7. Fun to see your summer wagon.. I'm looking forward to summer again. Loved the eagles floating down the river. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. MMMMMM.... I can't wait for summer tomatoes!!!! The store ones just don't taste the same...

  9. I love your wagon - and those veggies!
    I could easily stay in one of those inns.
    The eagle video is soooo cool!
    Elton John... :)

  10. from Japan ;Thank Thank you as always nice newsletter.

  11. Nice summer produce shot. I miss fresh veggies. Spring will soon be here though. Rosie the Riveter lived a very long life. Such an Iconic figure. Loved the video of the Eagles. Love Elton John too.

  12. I have several recipes in my head now that I have seen your bountiful wagon!

  13. What a Bald Eagle treat . . . wow . . .
    I do hope that Eagle could take off in flight and feet weren’t frozen . . .
    Cute little garden wagon . . . soon you will be filling it again . . .
    (not soon like today though . . . pretty soon)

  14. Hi Michelle, I'm looking forward to the days when the tomatoes are plentiful again! The sooner the better! Wishing you and yours a fine week ahead!


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