Friday Randoms

Just a wagon, in a barn, with a load of tobacco sticks, in a lopsided format.  

Thinking of living in a shipping container?  Here is how to do it right.  

If you are a fan of Peeps, (not me), this could be your year.  

This house, though cleverly decorated, is just too narrow.  

Leaving you with some Town Mountain for the weekend.  Take a moment to listen and you won't be disappointed. 

Linking up with Tanya today.  


  1. Peeps are enough of a mystery without the added... mystery. LOL... Have a good weekend.

  2. I liked the Tobacco Stick photo . . . near you?
    Tiny House living would just not work for me . . .
    That house certainly is the “skinniest!”
    I could consider a shipping container though . . .
    Never been a Peeps fan . . . and have never made a purchase.

    1. Lynne, these tobacco sticks are located near me. There are still people in my area that grow tobacco, though it is not as common as it used to be.

  3. Those shipping containers were amazing...

  4. Very interesting photo and I like the way you were able to keep the sticks visible in spite of shooting into the light!

  5. I saw the storage house earlier in the week, it appeared unique to me.

  6. A good visit with you, as always, Michelle!

  7. ...I've always wanted to live in a shipping container!

  8. I decorate with peeps, put them in vases, but I don't eat them!! I enjoyed the pictures of container living...I would love to scale down to a small home!!

  9. Both the container houses and the narrow house are pretty cool.
    I've seen both before on a television show.
    I really like peeps but can't remember the last time I ate one. I try to stay away from them. : )

  10. Tobacco isn't grown near me, so I always enjoy seeing photos of it.
    Who would think a shipping container could be so cool!
    That house is beautiful, but too skinny for me too.
    Pancakes and syrup peeps sounds just awful!
    Never heard of Town Mountain but they are good!

  11. That's a nice little slice of life shot.

  12. A magical picture...
    Love from a snowy Sweden and Titti

  13. I love love that top shot of the wagon. It is awesome. B

  14. Shipping containers and a really expensive skinny home... Interesting stuff!

  15. I always enjoy your Friday links but usually forget to come back and comment after I finish wandering down the rabbit holes you provide ))) So today I'm commenting first before I begin. I'm sure I'll enjoy today's journey ... thanks for sharing!

    PS: Just finished the latest Flavia -- I love that series.

  16. The shipping containers are really interesting and very creative. I never heard of them as houses before.


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