Friday Randoms

A spring house....I think, maybe?  

Parenting is hard....humor is essential.  

I would totally eat at all of these establishments.  

This cat is full of joy and curiosity. 

A Post Modern Jukebox Jazz cover with some tap dancing, 
to start off your weekend the right way.  

Linking up with Tanya today.  


  1. Neat old spring house.
    They've made some interesting restaurants out of the old gas stations. I like them all too!

  2. #1 looks like it
    #2 when you lose you sense of humor, you have lost everything
    #3 filler up
    #4 yep
    #5 I went to their concert last year

  3. Oh yes, I do like this photo! Re the building itself: whatever it is, it ain't long for this world, I think. :)

  4. i think that little house is past its best. Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  5. Spring house for sure . . .
    Really great picture . .
    I’m a tapping . . .

  6. such a neat little spring house! sure have some beautiful places in your area...

  7. Ah the joys of young children. We had two boys two year apart..... chaos!

  8. Your Fridays are always so much fun -- even when I'm two days late ;>)...... there's an excellent breakfast/lunch restaurant near where we live in Oregon called 'The Pump' in an old gas station ; I wonder how many others there are around the country that didn't make the article you linked. And now I'm hungry for one of their cinammon rolls (will have to wait a few months, since I'm in Florida at the moment)/.

  9. Am enjoying your Friday Randoms very much on Sunday 😀 laughed at the parental twitter's and the cat catching snowballs 😀 toe tapping to jaaaaaz!


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