Home Again Sunday

It's been another busy weekend, here at the Farmette.  Perhaps not at the Farmette, but mostly at the softball field.  Our small town high school team competed at the state level this weekend and tied for 3rd place.  A big accomplishment, considering how small of a town/team they are.  

The girl of the house received top honors and pitched with integrity and prowess the whole weekend.  We are proud parents, can you tell?  

Arriving home late this afternoon, we are all preparing for the school/workday tomorrow.  What would we do without our older son to take care of the farm while we are away?  Blessed is what we are.  

Hope to catch up with everyone soon......


  1. Congratulations to the team but especially to your daughter, and to your son who stepped into the breach of your absence and did what needed to be done. Yes, I'd say you have two excellent reasons to be happy at the conclusion of this weekend!

  2. Congrats . . . are in order . . .
    Unposed pics are often the best . . .
    I find this one, “a keeper.”

  3. There is nothing like small town comradely and congrats to the team.

  4. Congratulations on your daughter and her team, and the proud parents!

  5. What great times to enjoy. I watched a game for a bit yesterday

  6. you should be proud...i miss these days!!!

  7. I would be thrilled with this! You have a terrific family & have every right to be proud!


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