Friday Randoms

When you take a class into a railway museum and they love the model trains....then you realize there is a still in the mountains.......

Eye candy from around the world is right here.  

This little guy made the best out of his run to home plate.  

This dream of a B &B is for sale.  Let's all go in together, shall we?  

Leaving you with some Bruce and Mumford & Sons for the weekend.  Make it a GREAT one!  

Linking up with Tom today.  


  1. To watch this little tyke make a run for home base in his “own style,” has made my Friday a really great day . . . Gotta love “Good Real News!”

  2. The detail in some of those models is really well done.

  3. The still in the mountains took me by surprise! What a riot!

  4. Love this post, Michelle! I imagine spring is bursting in your area.

  5. A fun shot, I never tried miniature gardening

  6. Cute to see a little still in the mountains of the little railroad.. I love miniature trains! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Such a hoot to find the still!

  8. I miss my Lionel 07 layout but now the grands have it. No still though....:)

  9. My husband had a huge HO train layout in the basement which he has made.
    He is in the process of tearing it out because we will be moving, but the new house
    has a nice big basement for him to build another one. He also has little scenes that tell a story.

  10. :) to the still in the train layout.
    That sure is eye candy. I didn't look at all of them, but I would love to visit each one I saw!
    My hubby showed me that little guy this week. So cute, and he sure has the moves down.
    I'm in on the B&B. We could make it a timeshare!
    More good music!

  11. That little guy is too much! The still in the mountain is so well done. I love railroad and am happy to live in a railroad town. Well, outside the town, but I still hear the train whisles as I go to sleep at night.

  12. Thanks for your Friday randoms -- I always love them. So did the class get a history lesson about self-sufficiency or entrepenurism? :>> I'm in on the B&B if you'll do all the cooking and cleaning. (Actually, obviously, I'd rather just be a guest.) Gonna' look at the eye candy later. And I hate to be a buzz-kill but I sort of thought that little guy maybe isn't quite ready for organized sports and should be playing in his own backyard with just a bunch of other little ones . (Forgive me, I am growing older and crankier by the second.)


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