Memorial Sunday

It's a slow Memorial Sunday here at the Farmette.  We have been catching up with chores/activities this weekend and getting some much needed rest.  A cookout with friends happened yesterday with some quiet time this afternoon.  

What else is happening?  Our high school softball team (including our own girl) is in the regional championship that starts tomorrow at 12 Eastern time.  

I called my parents who are in the path of tropical storm Alberto.  They seemed unimpressed by his appearance.  Jim Cantore showed up in my parent's neighborhood and they didn't even know he did this.  

I am grilling up some Mad Cow Burgers and I highly recommend them.  I have served them to family and friend alike, and they always receive a warm reception.

I hope you are enjoying every moment of this fine Sunday.

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  1. ...boy, that corn sure is up, around here it's perhaps 4". Thanks Michelle for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Enjoy watching the “champs” go for the “championship!”

    Am I a bit “off” . . . we have had some gorgeous sunny, blue sky spring weather,
    yet when it hits 90 degrees plus, with high humidity and mosquitoes . . .
    I would rather be outdoors in “blizzard” weather . . . No lie . . .!!!

  3. Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  4. Mad Cow burgers? Oh, for a life on a farmette! Congrats to the girl and her team, may they prevail in tomorrow's contests. Enjoy!

  5. We're still in Florida and in our part of it at least (thank goodness) Alberto didn't impress. Just rain. I'm glad your parents were safe as well. Enjoy the rest of your Holiday. I'm off to check out your reference to Mad Cow burgers.

  6. Wow, those burgers sound great! Too bad there's only the two of us.

  7. Hope you are having a restful and relaxing holiday weekend, Michelle, and hopefully better weather than here in Nashua, NH. We went to watch the parade down Main St this morning and thankfully for both marchers and onlookers it didn't rain. Good luck to the softball team your daughter plays on. That corn reminds me of similar scenes when we lived in Virginia with lots of nearby farms.

  8. The burgers sound great! Good luck to the ball team!


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