Friday Randoms

The Queen Anne's Lace is in full form here on the Farmette.  

The week in photos is always a hit with me.  

In honor of Father's Day some Dads share the truth about Fatherhood.  

These converted train cars are now Airbnbs that you can stay in, but I think I need one on the Farmette.  A she-shed of sorts.  

Leaving you with one of my favorite country songs.  Everyone needs a redhead riding shotgun:)  

Linking up with Tom today!  


  1. The root gives a very full carrot taste to a stew when camping. One goes a long ways.College World series starting here today, major baseball filling up the town.

  2. I'd take one of those 'she sheds'!

  3. A bit too early here for Queen Anne's Lace but I sure do like it.
    I guess you know that it is wild carrots. I thought that was so cool when I learned that.

  4. No queen anne's lace here yet, but soon!
    I always like the week of photos.
    Those are some fun dads!
    The trains are great! I think you need one too.

  5. I never knew that the gorgeous white flower was called Queen Anne's Lace. Nice to know.
    Oh I really do like those train cars.

  6. ...Queen Anne is a friend of mine.
    ...I didn't know that Queen Elizabeth could smile.
    ...being a father doesn't come with directions, but I never read the directions anyway.
    ...check this out:
    ...yep, I've heard that.

  7. I'm sure we have some Queen Anne's Lace in central Florida. It's a gorgeous plant with its lacy, lazy elegance!

  8. I love Queen Anne's Lace in the countryside.. so pretty. I also am in love with the idea of having a train caboose on our farm property. I saw one once all decorated inside with tartan plaid and rich woods. Once came up for sale nearby but my railroad engineer husband would not even discuss the idea of buying it and moving in here. lol ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Those converted train cars are pretty neat! I'm thinking you could do a similar thing with a shipping container, probably more affordable to get it to your Farmette that a train car...

  10. I think I need a train house . . .
    Just for me . . .
    I know it isn’t Mother’s Day . . .

  11. Oh I love the railroad cars B&Bs! Would love to have one as a guest house myself! Especially the cabooses! Lovely Queen Anne's Lace too. Have a great weekend!

  12. I am waiting for Queen Anne Lace to be in bloom here . . . a favorite . . .
    Lovely picture Michelle.

  13. Hello, the train cars are neat. I have seen some Queen Anne's Lace too, it is pretty. Enjoy your day and weekend.

  14. I just love that flower and what a beautiful name too :) Here in Sweden we call it hundkex (dogbiscuit!)
    Have a nice saturday...
    Love from Titti

  15. How pretty that Queen Anne's lace is and growing wild. I love the converted trains:)

  16. Very beautiful photos. Love the Queen Anne's lace.

  17. No lace here yet but it is always lovely to see!

  18. A redhead riding shotgun? I could go for that . . .


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