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Here at the Farmette, it is time for a break.  This coming week will be spent with family.  Adventures, good times, and much photography will happen.  Catch you back here, next Friday.  

Pre-meal prayer?  If you are confused, this comedian has the rules for you.  

The Hallmark Channel is looking for some movie extras.  Go ahead, you know you want to.  

If you have a little person in your life this summer, then you will appreciate these items.  Personally I could use #7 just for myself :)  

Leaving you with KC & the Sunshine Band for this summer day.  Make this weekend a great one.  

Linking up with Tom today!  


  1. ...keep clicking.
    ...who knew that it was so confusing.
    ...I will be busy. grandkids are getting a bit too old.
    .....was never my cup of tea.
    Thanks Michelle for stopping by, enjoy.

  2. I need to get a melon just in case I get invited somewhere.

  3. I hope you have a fantistic time with your people. The pre-meal prayer video is very funny. I absolutely LOVE KC and the Sunshine band. I'm giggling at the Hallmark call for extra's. I love their movies, but they need to update the main's the same ones over and over. :)

  4. A holiday spent as it should be with family, good times and good food. Enjoy your time away from blogdom, Michelle.

  5. John Crist is a funny guy!
    I think I'll watch the movie, not be in it.
    That wagon at the end is pretty cool!
    I was never a fan of this group. :(
    Enjoy your break!

  6. Looking forward to the photographs . . .

  7. Have fun and enjoy your week. Love the goose. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend! Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

  8. Movie Extra? You find the spiffiest stuff.

  9. Hi Michelle, always wondered about meal prayers and now it is as clear as mud . . . lol
    So funny . . .
    Weather very hot here ~ we are not used to frying . . . lol . . but not complaining . . enjoying my latest grandchild, Molly . . . :)

  10. Hope you all have a safe & wonderful holiday week!

  11. LOL! My minister bro-in-law used to say, If you order anything other than coffee or spend more than $2 on something, you might as well say thanks.

  12. I hope you have a great week off from blogging. It can be very time consuming. Much better to spend time with the family!

  13. A great picture!
    Have a happy and sunny weekend...


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